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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 irreversible change

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PostSubject: irreversible change   irreversible change Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 1:54 pm

Immediate izmenennosti they think of as a catastrophe ( "maybe I shoju mad ?!"). Psihossensorne disorders, derealization and depersonalization can be a manifestation epileptiformnah paroxizmov. Examples of this are symptomatic attacks with a sense already vu (deja vu), or never vu (jamais vu). During this attack person living at home can suddenly feel that has been totally unfamiliar environment. This feeling was expressed fear rasteryannostew, sometimes bringing motor, but in a few minutes in the same place suddenly, leaving only painful memories of the traumatic experience. Finally, depersonalization often serves as a manifestation of the negative symptoms typical of schizophrenia. In soft maloprogredientne period of irreversible change in the identity, in particular, become apparent very sick and gave him a painful own izmenennosti, weakness, loss of feelings of completeness. With further progressirovanii of these changes in terms of growing passivity and indifference, and notice others. Syndrome galloucinoza Galloucinoz is a relatively rare disorder syndrome, bringing to the fact that many hallucinations (usually simple, in a single analyzer) is the main and almost the only manifestation of psychosis.
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irreversible change
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