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 training and learn new skills

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PostSubject: training and learn new skills   training and learn new skills Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 1:53 pm

Thus, for them to have dissociation between massive picture psychosis and the more or less correct behaviour of the patient. The attacks in the form of schizophrenia is polimorfnostthew. For example, in maniakalnom amok in the patient often vkraplivetsa "depression in the form of ideas self - slezlivosti. Characteristically incomplete critical of the perenesennomu as, even when different attack and expressed massive psihoticescoy symptoms, and sometimes it is absent. Age of ristupoobrazno-progr edientna schizophrenia equally varied. It can start in childhood, adulthood and later ages. Depending on the age period from disease, and clinical picture apparent age characteristics. For example, the ability of the patient to infantilism with a high degree of certainty to speak of the disease in childhood. Forecast for ristupoobrazno-progr edientna schizophrenia varied and depends primarily on the age of onset, severity of the course and the extent of the changes being. Treatment Currently, there is a great potential for treatment of schizophrenia. Large arsenal psychotropic substances with a wide range of action allows for differentiated treatment to the characteristics of diseases. When expressed Psychotic disorders dominated crazy and galloucinathornah disorder conditions apply any such neiroleptiki as tioproperazin, haloperidol, etc.-dominated katatonicakih disorders-etaperazin, frenolon etc. Aside from the treatment of acute conditions schizophrenia, occur with increased body temperature, febrilnykh the attacks. For patients with febrilnami attacks aminazin used in high doses and electodorojnuu therapy. Other neiroleptiki not recommended. Some patients suffer badly aminazin, in these cases, it is advisable at the same time drug users designate sibazon. The ineffectiveness of the measures, while further increasing the temperature of the body and signs of rising oedema of the brain it is time for ECT therapy. Where picture diseases prevalent negative disorders, recommended neirolepticalkie drugs with stimulant properties. Patients with depressive and epressivno-paranoidn s phenomena should appoint drugs. The complex syndromes psihopatologicakih possible combination products, which includes a number of different neiroleptiki, antidepressants and other means. Good results were also in the application of traditional methods such as insulinosokova and, in extreme cases, Electro therapy. Insulinosokova therapy shows patients with acute shizofreniceski process and somaticeski weakened, Electro-patients resistant to medication other methods and the chronically depressed states. An important role in returning the schizophrenia patients for a full life is social rehabilitation. In all, the organization of mental health care provided various forms lechebno-trudovy and social impact on schizophrenia patients. Among schizophrenia patients about 50% had no disability and are operating under normal business. The rest are disabled II, and less I and III groups. Patients in Group III disability working in specialized units, and the patients in Group II, in the treatment facilities in the psychiatric clinics. Finding jobs for the patient psychiatrist, taking into account his mental state and the same training. If it is not in the same patient may undergo training and learn new skills.
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training and learn new skills
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