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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 professor remembered

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PostSubject: professor remembered   professor remembered Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 10:44 am

But diagnosing the disease, it should be treated. Ankylopeetica done so surprising. Yet there was just a joke lecturer chitawrzego in pharmaceutical Academy : drugs, although tma-tmushchaya, but all of this efficient means can be written to the nogte thumb. Key words and combining various drugs, ankylopeetica a mixture of own-medicine that was his name and it is still applicable in the treatment of certain neurosis. And everything that made ankylopeetica to Russian neurosurgery, a special item. The older generation surgeons still at the very low withdrawal of the possibilities and prospects "cereposverlenia." Now, as we open a new clinic brain diseases ankylopeetica said proudly that it is beginning to act first in the world specialized surgical office. Henceforth, the neurosurgeons will in the hands of a knife general surgeons. All transactions in the early years he was irreversible himself. It opened in Russia first special neurosurgery division. It is against the backdrop of the transfer of incredible advances Behtereva-uchenogo to Behterev-cheloveku. It will be a very interesting, because it is, as of any other celebrities attended mass anecdotes. A colleague remembers him as they were once in the yard, and ankylopeetica with skills, remarkable for its gruzna figures got spotknuvshegosa malchugana. Pogladil him on the head and continued interrupted conversation. Whose malconka this? , "Asked satellite." I do not know, "replied ankylopeetica and returned to the conversation. A malconka was his beloved younger son. One professor remembered that as it is malciske-vrachu, ankylopeetica suddenly telephoned three am to be some thoughts on tomorrow's future work. "Poproboval I like this call at the palatnomu Coordinator - graduate professor. One of the students and colleagues back has said that such a person must be discussed not as a person, but as a wonderful phenomenon of nature. At the beginning of the century ankylopeetica conceived the ambitious idea : the creation of an institution devoted to the rights. In February 1908, he opened training courses sihoneurologicski Institute.
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professor remembered
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