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 scientific problems

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PostSubject: scientific problems   scientific problems Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 1:50 pm

Whereas in the past, say patients often been guilty force religion, witchcraft, but now new achievements of science and technology. The prevalence of schizophrenia in the population is an important issue, both scientifically and practically. The difficulty answer it is that it is not possible to identify these patients in the population. This is primarily because of the lack of reliable data for the understanding of schizophrenia and diagnostic criteria for its definition. Available statistics and the results of epidemiological studies suggests that the distribution is almost identical in all countries, and is 1-2% of the total population. The initial assumption that schizophrenia less in the developing countries, was not confirmed. The research specially in the developing countries, have identified a similar number of patients per 1,000 population to the number of sick patients in European countries. There is only a difference in the representation of the types of clinical manifestations of disease. For example, among people living in developing countries, is more acute with sputannostew consciousness katatonicescie etc. Schizophrenia can begin at any age. However, the most typical age for the onset of schizophrenia is 20-25 years. At the same time, certain primary clinical manifestations of schizophrenia has its own best time. Thus, in schizophrenia paranoidnym manifestation starts are over the age of 30 years, with neurozopodobna symptoms, thought disorders in adolescence and young age. The males disease starts earlier than women. Moreover, and in the clinical picture of the disease vary depending on the sex of patients. For women, the disease has been more severe, more and vrajennee a different affegus pathology. Schizophrenia continuous over in a continuous course of the disease emerged with the individual forms schizophrenia defined degree zlokacestvennosti process : malignant (nuclear), sredneprogredientnaya (paranoid), valotekushchaya or maloprogredientnaya (neurozopodobnaya and psihopatopodobnaya). Each of these forms of schizophrenia show some mental manifestations. Malignant (nuclear) schizophrenia. The into adolescence, it is characterized by the passage of memories. On the first distinct signs of illness until its final development is 2-3 years. The distinctive feature of the current version of schizophrenia is that initially in patients are mostly negative disorders before joining positive. Positive changes have expressed polymorphism psihopatologicakih syndromes. Factors worse prognosis nuclear schizophrenia, and to its extreme resistance to the therapy. The disease often reminds heavy, distorted pubertanetary kriz and usually in the form of two options, the fall of the energy-building and the emotional deficitarnosti. Falling energy potential is initially deteriorating performance, a drastic decline in productivity in the classroom, while maintaining, and sometimes even more time spent on preparing homework. In the future, these patients can duplicate classes, even drop out of school due to the impossibility of continuing education. Falling energy potential is often accompanied by the phenomenon of the so-called metaphysical intoxication : sick taken for the study of global philosophical, scientific problems (meaning life, the origin of life, etc.), spend a lot of time to study the scientific literature on these issues, but the results of this work has never been as in the absence of an AIDS training, and because of the sharp decline in the productivity of any creative activity. The emotional deficitarnosti seen especially in attitudes to parents, get emotional coldness, often tend to irritability, aggressiveness. Later in patients occurs and the total disregard for their own identity : they cease to be a not bathe, do nothing. The above changes can move to a final-apathiko-abulicescoe where other psychotic disorders can be sent to the reducyrovannom form.
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scientific problems
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