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 connection with delirious ideas

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PostSubject: connection with delirious ideas   connection with delirious ideas Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 1:50 pm

The logical inconsistency in the statements of a number of patients with far deadlocked painful changes becoming a voice razorvannosti (shizofazia). Emotional violations begin with the loss of moral properties, a sense of love and compassion for friends, and sometimes it is accompanied by hostility and zlobnostew. Going, and eventually disappears completely interest in the hobby. Patients are neryashlivami not observe basic hygienic care for themselves. A fundamental characteristic of the disease are also those of patients. The isolation and alienation from loved ones, strange behavior, unusual behaviour pattern that had previously been unknown identity and motives were not linked into any circumstances. Even as schizophrenia and different kind of senestopaticalkie : unpleasant feeling in the head and other parts of his body. Senestopatii are fussy : the patients complain of feeling raspirania one hemisphere to the head, stomach dryness, etc. Containment senestopaticakih not of the traumatic experience, which may be in somatic diseases. Perception disorders are predominantly hearing hallucination and often different psevdogalloucinatiami different senses : visual, hearing, UV, etc. Of crazy experience may also monitor various forms of nonsense : paranoyalny, paranoidnyi parafrenny and, in the early stages, most paranoyalny. It is characteristic of schizophrenia crazy physical pressure, which is usually coupled with psevdogalloucinatiami and called syndrome Kandinski-klermbo-sponsors opisavshih it. Dwigatelno-woleve multiple violations in their manifestation. They are found in the form of disorder arbitrary and in the form of pathology more complex explicit acts. One of the most prominent types of arbitrary action is katatoniceski syndrome. Katatoniceski syndrome consists of katatoniceski stupora and legal. Itself katatoniceski stalemate can be of two types : lucidnyi and oneiroidnyi. In lucidnom stupore the patient maintained basic orientation of the ambient and evaluation, while oneiroidnom unconscious patient changed. Patients with lucidnam after stuporom out of this state and will speak on the events that took place at the time around them. Patients with oneiroidnami states reported mystical visions and experiences in the power they held during stuporosny state. Stuporosnye state, as well as instituting katatonicescie-complex mental violations, which include various symptoms. More complex handedness acts handedness processes undergoing various violations as a result of his illness. The most typical is the increase in reducing abstractions activity coming apathy and sluggishness, and the severity contracts disorder usually correlates with progredientnostthew disease. But some patients may experience increased activity associated with any pain caused by ideas and plants. For example, in connection with delirious ideas and the sick plants can overcome extraordinary difficulties, to take the initiative and perseverance, the hard work. The painful experiences crazy ideas in patients may be different. However, it reflects the spirit of the times, as well as other socially significant phenomenon. Over time, a modification of the contents of psihopatologicakih disease.
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connection with delirious ideas
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