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 psihosensorian disorders

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PostSubject: psihosensorian disorders   psihosensorian disorders Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 1:49 pm

Typically, a patient simuliruty hallucinations, could not describe them in detail because there is a sensuous experience. However, a doctor, convinced that the patient hallucinations (for example, the next cycle of chronic psychosis) may overcome the reluctance someone tell tested categorical questions : "What do you say to vote?" "What voters said last night?" , "What do you see?" . The methodology based message and individual symptoms, allowing time to identify the patient's willingness to hallucinations (for example, in the debut of deliria drink). If in the course of interviewing the doctor suspects a severe psychosis, and hallucinations there, they can be a trigger if slightly downward to eye over apples closed century and ask tell us what the patient sees (Lipmann symptom). Other possible methods to encourage the patient to talk on the phone, otkluchennomu from the network, and the patient talks with imaginary friend (Ashaffenburga symptoms), you can ask the patient "read" that the "written" on the blank paper (Reihardta symptom). A necessary condition to reliably identify hallucinations are, and trust to the patient person. Sometimes it is divided from their families or, alternatively, in random experiences, which are not explains. Erotic sensations, cynical insults, cruel images of a patient, perhaps leaving in an interview with a group of doctors, but will authorize them to his own doctor. Along with the perception obmanami meet disorders, which do not breach the brand, but a painful way converted some of their quality, size, shape, color, position in space, angle to the horizon, the gravity. Such phenomena as psihosensornami disorders, or disorders sensory fusion, examples of which can be color changes of the surroundings (blue-staining eritropcia yellow staining - xantopsia), their size (increase, macropsia, reducing mikropcia-), form and surface (metamorfopcia), double, a sense of volatility, the falls; Turn around 90 or 180 ; feeling that the ceiling down and threatens pridaviti a patient. One option psihossensornah disorders disorder is a body, it is evident from the variety of different patients (feeling that the hands nabuhli not crowded under a pillow. " Head became so heavy that "swalitsa just from the shoulders; Attraction hands and feet to the floor. " Body, "it was easier to air" or "cracked in half"). While the brightness endured ill feelings immediately noticed in the monitoring eyes that internal feeling deceived them : in the mirror they did not see any "double head" or "spolzatego from the nose." Most of these disorders psihossensornah emerge suddenly and are short-lived in separate paroxizmalnah attacks. Like other frequent, it may appear to many organic brain diseases in the form of self-psihossensornah stroke or in conversations prior to a large sudorozhnomu pripadku. M. O. appearance (1936) pointed to the kind of consciousness disorders associated with the disorders psihosensorian when environments is not fully and drabs. This allowed him to identify such seizures as a special state of consciousness. By psihosensorian disorders and the perception of the time, accompanied by a sense that the time dragged on indefinitely, or stopped entirely. Such violations are common among depressed patients, and combined them with a sense of hopelessness. In some variations special state of consciousness, on the contrary, it would appear logical, melkania, the incredible speed of developments. Derealization depersonalization and derealization phenomena and depersonalization very close to psihosensorian disorders, and sometimes together with them.
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psihosensorian disorders
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