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 hallucinations continue

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PostSubject: hallucinations continue   hallucinations continue Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 1:48 pm

Sometimes patients compare notes with psevdogalloucination sounding ideas with no distinction while stored ownership of the voice : a child or adult, male or female. If true hallucinations sounds and imaginary objects, as well as the real things are outside of the patient (ekstraproekcia), the psevdogalloucinatiah when they may come from the body of the patient, his head (intraproekcia), or taken from areas inaccessible to our sensory organs (projection outside sensory system), for example from Mars, from another city, basement of the home. Conduct patients with adequately psevdogalloucinatiami their presentation of the essence of the observed phenomena : they did not flee, not attacking imaginary persecutors, for the most part, believe that the environment can not take the same images, as those allegedly passed specifically for the patient. One can list many traits psevdogalloucination distinguish from the genuine, but it should be borne in mind that one patient is not all of the signs at the same time, so to psevdogalloucinatiam be classified any galloucinatiu, on one or a number of grounds was quite different from the normal, natural perception of the world. The basic manifestations psevdogalloucination are consistent with the notion of "hallucinations" : a sign of psychosis, patients typically do not treat them critically, as they perceive as a sufficiently objective phenomenon, in spite of their distinct from the ordinary, everyday objects. Of perhaps their appearance and amok acute schizophrenia (especially with complementary effects intokshikaih factors or somaticescom disease). However, the most pronounced they are in deliriosnom pomrachenia consciousness. Psevdogalloucination differ from the true more specificity. Although they are not seen as patognomonicny symptom, but in clinical practice more frequently than in any other disease, found in paranoidna schizophrenia. Psevdogalloucination is a major component of the typical of the schizophrenia syndrome mental Kandinski-klermbo automaticity. Identification hallucinations usually is not too difficult, since psihoticescom of patients can not conceal from the doctor meaningful for them experiences. After treatment, as well as in patients in the podostrom gradually formed critical of the galloucinatiam. Aware of their unusual experience, patients may hide the fact that hallucinations continue to disturb them. In this case, the existence of hallucinations doctor tell behaviour. Thus, a person with hearing uttered often distracted from the conversation, sleep, deep in themselves; Sometimes walking to the office, he covers his ears to sounds in the office not silenced internal vote. It should be borne in mind that with the help of the psychological shock can cause hallucinations, and in healthy humans (eg, gipnoze), it is in the complex and highly technical cases be especially careful to build interviewed the patients without provoking it to unnecessary suspicion. If the patient is not doing impressions patient mentions that he was abroad, to ask him to, without leading questions details of the experience.
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hallucinations continue
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