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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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The basic hallucinations are akoazma (Francis, glitches around, whistling, humming), and fotopsii (lightning, flash button, melkania in, in front of you). Elementary hallucinations often voiced the neurological disease, the primary lesion of the brain cortex (with brain tumours, sossoudistom defeat in the field epileptogennogo skleroticski home). Simple hallucinations associated with only one sample, but are established structure of purpose. An example can be verbal hallucinations in which a person does things in a very different content. Has the following options hallucinations note : comment (comment on the man of deeds, thoughts that arise in his head), threatening (offensive intending to kill, rape, robbery), antagonistic (patient how is witnessing a dispute group of enemies and their protectors), mandatory (team orders claim to the patient). Notes hallucinations increasingly regarded man as interference with his privacy. Even with the cooperative nature, they often cause irritation patient. Patients resist internally monitor themselves refuse to abide by the votes, but with a sharp increase in the disease may not be able to overcome its insistence that voters could as a result of mandatory hallucinations commit murder, jump out of the window without a cigarette burns, to try to pull the eye itself. All of this allows mandatory hallucinations as a testimony to the involuntary hospitalization. Complex hallucinations include deceptions on the part of multiple analyzers. In pomrachenia consciousness (for example, deliria) all environments can be totally transformed galloucintoriani images so that the patient feels like he is not home, and in the woods (at the witness, in the mortuary); He attacked visual images, hears their speech touch feels. In this case, we should talk about szenopodobnykh hallucinations. It is very important for the diagnostic results is the division of fraud perception of the true and hallucinations psevdogalloucination. Recent described B. H. Kandinsky (1880), who said that in some cases, hallucinations differ significantly from the natural perception of the world. If true hallucinations painful phantoms identical to real objects : have meaningful liveliness, volume directly related to the environment objects are perceived naturally, as if the senses, then psevdogalloucinatiah one or more of these properties may not be available. The psevdogalloucination treated patients than these subjects and physical phenomenon, but as their images. This means that when people psevdogalloucinatiah not see objects, and "Images of" captures not sounds, and "Images of sounds." Unlike the original psevdogalloucinathorna e images do not telesnosti, weight, are not among the items, and on the airwaves, in another imagined space, in the minds of the patient. The acoustic images not of the usual sound-old, altitude, direction. Psevdogalloucination often perceived allegedly patients not senses, and "internal look", "internal hearing." An unusual, unnatural, facing forcing patients to believe that they have an impact that the images specifically invested them in the head with the help of technical devices (lasers, tape recorders, magnetic fields, radars, radios), or through telepatia, hypnosis, magic, ekstrasensornogo impact.
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technical devices
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