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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 particularly pronounced

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PostSubject: particularly pronounced   particularly pronounced Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 1:47 pm

Reed is a perception of disorder, in which objects or events are found where, in fact nothing. Reed point to a serious mental illness (psychosis), and unlike the illusion can not affect healthy people in their natural state, although amended minds (as a result of hypnosis, drugs) briefly raised the person with a chronic mental illness. The hallucinations are not specific diagnostic sign of a disease. They are rare as an isolated disorder and is usually accompanied by other symptoms psihoticescoy (unsound mind, crazy, agitation), so for the purpose of diagnosis and the appropriate therapeutic tactics should carefully review the features of the disorder in a given patient. There are several approaches to the classification accuracy. The old and traditional method is the separation of the senses. Thus providing visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory and taste hallucinations. In addition, there are plenty of opportunities arising from the internal organs hallucinations general feeling (viszerle). They can be ipohondricakimi ideas and sometimes senestopatii recall, which is a distinct sense of purpose, clarity. The difference hallucinations of the senses insufficient for diagnosis. It is only to point out that the visual hallucinations significantly more likely to be found in acute psihozah and usually nestoiki; Hearing, on the other hand, often point to the persistent chronic illness (such as schizophrenia). The taste, and especially olfactory hallucinations in schizophrenia usually indicates zlokacestvennom, rezistentne to therapy option psychosis. Has some special options hallucinations for the emergence of which requires certain conditions, such as sonne of the patient. Reed encountered in zasapanii are called gipnagogicakimi under-raising gipnopompicakimi. Although these symptoms do not belong to the extremely grave violations of illness and fatigue occasionally arise healthy people, but seriously leaking somatic diseases and Puerto withdrawal syndrome it is a sign of early beginning deliria, and pointed to the need for a specific treatment. The bright and abundant gipnagogicakie gipnopompiceskie and hallucinations have narcolepsy. Functional (LA) hallucinations occur only if there is a particular irritant. They are there to hear people born under the wheels; Vote, in the head with a television; Auditory hallucinations caused by a shower. With the termination of irritant deceptions perception may disappear. From illusion these states is the fact that simulated images taken at the same time as the irritant, but not a substitute for it. Psychogenic indoctrination and hallucinations are common among persons vnouchaemah with demonstrativei features and particularly pronounced in istericakih psihozah jet. In this case, they are immediately after psihotravmirotei situation represent important story rights (a woman who lost her husband, talking with his photograph hears as husband moves, sings her song Umka). Charles Bonn described the emergence of hallucinations in people with a sharp fall in the (senile cataracts). Such conditions were later seen and defeat hearing. Perhaps that geneze hallucinations such acts as a sensory deprivation (for example, long-term residence rights in the dark cave). The degree of difficulty abroad can be divided into the basic, simple, complex and szenopodobne.
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particularly pronounced
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