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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 influence from the outside

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PostSubject: influence from the outside   influence from the outside Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 1:46 pm

The most striking example bredovy acute psychosis is a syndrome of acute sensory nonsense, or acute paranoid, in which a crazy fast in the face of strong emotional disorders (anxiety, confusion, fear, excitement, disbelief). Sudden change in the patient feels he is regarded as a disaster, the perception of reality subject to this powerful sense. It is not uncommon illusions or hallucinations, the patient hears in conversation passers your name. Typically, there are crazy relationships and drama. Someone think that the surrounding hide from him some important news. Subjects environment are changed (derealization), the patient feels significant changes in himself (depersonalization), it arouses the feeling that he go mad. Anxiety and concern do not allow someone to sleep at night. He instituted, oscillates at home, could not find places and flees. Active crazy emotions are a manifestation of a dire crisis psychosis, and intokshikatingo somatogennogo acute episode of schizophrenia, reactive (psihogennogo) paranoida. The course of psychosis, as a rule, a relatively positive : in most cases not completely pain psihoticeski attack. Of all the crazy syndromes most Vol.2 specificity different mental syndrome Kandinski-klermbo automaticity. Its components are psevdogalloucination, mental automaticity and crazy effects. Automatic exclusion is sick of his own mental acts, a sense that certain processes in his psyche occur automatically, in addition to the will. G. Clairmbo described three types of automaticity : * ideatornyi (associate, sitting) automaticity, exemplified by the sense of investing and bigger thoughts external interference in their current, temporary (sperrung) and the Vietnamese thought (mentizm); Impression that the thought the patient become known around (sign up); Bezzvucnoe repetition thoughts patient (ehomasli "), forced inside it. Notes psevdogalloucination a sense of the thoughts at a distance is also a ideatonego automaticity; * Touch (senestopaticeski, sensory) automatic will be available with many unpleasant sensations in the body, sometimes quiet, trudnoopisuemye (senestopatii), and sometimes it is natural (heat, cold, pain, pain, sexual arousal, the craving for urinating), seem "made" by specifically. Coffee and olfactory psevdogalloucination thus are variants touch automatic; * Motor (kinesteticeski, engine) automaticity vain hope that some movement by the patient in his or her will, by the influence from the outside. Interestingly, some neurological symptoms due to the combined effect of the receiving psychotropic substances (drug parkinsonism), in this type of automaticity are sometimes not as a side effect of therapy, but as a sign of impact. Patients can claim that the problem through their boxes (smile or tears) neestestvenna forcibly called. Violent speech (rechedvigationa psevdogalloucination) is also a motor avtomatizmam.
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influence from the outside
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