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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 insist on cosmetic operations

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insist on cosmetic operations Empty
PostSubject: insist on cosmetic operations   insist on cosmetic operations Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 1:45 pm

Not rare, the fear of dangerous diseases (nozofobia), for example cardiofobia, kanzerofobia, sifilofobia, spidofobia. In schizophrenia, in addition to the options could experience a very unusual disconnected from reality fears : being infected by the domestic situation "odor School, fears that the food would needles and pins that household insects can zapolesti vagina. With the advent of fears closely linked symbolic protective action taken to mitigate the feelings of anxiety, at least temporarily free from fear-rituals. People have set up a complex sequence of actions, as a rule, fairly absurd ( "wash hands eight times soap green and twice blue", "before entering a room, twice breathe deeply and exhaled, and then rubbed Whiskey"). Keenly aware of the futility of such acts, they are forced to exactly repeat them to overcome fear. Use of the surrounding complex ritual, people consider it necessary to start from scratch. Obsessivno-fobiceski syndrome is the main manifestation of obsessive neurosis states. He has also been a source of plant (reminiscent injury), the current versions of endogenous illness (schizophrenia). In schizophrenia obsession often step in the creation of a more serious symptoms (nonsense). Particularly abundant intrusiveness observed in psihastenia, one of the options psihopati, accompanying expressed Anxiety, and me pedanticnostthew. About dismorfomanicescom (dismorfofobicescom) syndrome say if the patient feels focus on the possible lack of physical or urodstve, thought which can be soft disorder (fears, obsessions and sverhcenne thought), a painful reflection of the real, but dispensable flaw (light obesity, barely noticeable asymmetry person). Often vary delirious dismorfomanii devoid of any factual basis. In addition to the ideas of physical handicap, the suffering dismorfomaniei are usually observed for the (feeling that everything surrounding their apparent defect gradually make fun of them), tosklivi von mood. Describe the constant quest patients privately from the surrounding consider themselves in the mirror ( "symptom of mirrors"), persistent refusal to participate in the shoots. Patients may insist on cosmetic operations. Dismorfomanii syndrome is not a specific nozologicaki. Usually, it is in adolescence and young age, more often in girls. Fantasy options syndrome can occur in the debut of schizophrenia. Kinsfolk to dismorfomanii are nervous disorders anorexia and ipohondriceski. The differential diagnosis in psihozah important it is the exact characteristic sindromalnaya nonsense, which is a manifestation of many syndromes Psychotic Disorders : feeling consciousness (deliriosny, oneiroidnyi, twilight), Greece (depressive and delusions), Psycho. It should be borne in mind that the formation and running bredovy acute psychosis and chronic nonsense vary.
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insist on cosmetic operations
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