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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 tend to be accompanied

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PostSubject: tend to be accompanied   tend to be accompanied Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 1:44 pm

Sverhcenne ideas are border violations psyche not clear sign of illness. Most were found to be associated with features and stenicnosti epileptoidnosti. Permanent propensity to sverhzennah ideas, a manifestation of paranoyalna Psychopathy. Sverhcenne ideas can serve as a step in the formation of crazy ideas in schizophrenia. Obsessive ideas Navazchive ideas (obsession) is emerging against the will of the patient alien painful thoughts, the emergence of which it is emotionally, because of them critically, trying to get rid ourselves of them, but could not do so alone. The main difference obsessive thoughts of nonsense is confident rights in their painful origin, so sick with navazchivostami to discredit themselves are reluctant to talk about their experience random individuals, but is open to a doctor seeking relief. Obsessive thoughts are not nozologicaki specific phenomenon - they are for a wide range of diseases flowing on neuroticescom level. The obsessions no clear sign of mental illness. Occasionally impinge found in the healthy people (most with pedanticnam, trevojno-mnitionam nature). In this case, they nestoiki not cause significant human concern. A mentally ill obsessions become so persistent, patient, which is always patient and divert it from the work, which would allow the focus, a sense of helplessness and despondency. There emotsyonalno-nassyschen Exporter and abstract (abstract) intrusiveness. An example of the pervasive mudrstovanie ( "thought why"), the haunting (arifmomania). Patients hours considering the impact of events, which, in principle, can not happen peremnojaut and get in the box, analyze grammatical structure of sentences and the meaning of each of the words. By emotsyonalno-nassyschen s navazchivostam are persistent doubts and dramatic intrusiveness. Patients with severe doubts many can return home, fear that forgot to close the door, turn off the TV and gas, knowing the validity of their doubts, but can not eliminate uncertainty. Edgy intrusiveness is that suddenly in the head by a patient comes to the possibility of something totally unacceptable, immoral, unlawful. This raises a great fear, the patient never attempts to commit this ridiculous act. Obsessive ideas rarely occur as a distinct symptom - they tend to be accompanied by other intrusive phenomena : imaginary fears (phobias), brassy vlecheniami (compoulsiami) and action (roll), with a combined core content obsessivno-fobicesco of syndrome. 5.1 of thinking thrust of the obsessivno-fobicesco of syndrome, a wide range of aggressive events. The obsessive thoughts are very common obsessions fears (phobias), the content of which varies widely. The nervousness frequent fears logically understandable closely associated with the events of the real danger : fear pollution and contamination (mizofobia) closed spaces (claustrophobia), the crowd and open areas (agorafobia), death (tanatofobia).
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tend to be accompanied
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