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 areas of the psyche

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PostSubject: areas of the psyche   areas of the psyche Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 1:43 pm

The religious patients, the symptoms took the form of sinful nonsense. Nowhere was the fabula nonsense in the depressive syndrome. In ipohondricescom brede sick sure that there is a sinister or heavy, dangerous to the lives of disease-cancer, AIDS, syphilis, and the constant demand for doctors by requiring investigation and treatment. Negative results of the survey further convince patients that the doctors hide their true diagnosis or ill equipped. Waiver of the operation taken as a sign that the disease has gone too far and hopes for recovery is no longer, which might suicide. Dismorfomaniceski (dismorfofobiceski) crazy reflected in the fact that people believe in having a physical handicap (parking). Private case dismorfomaniceski nonsense-confidence patient in the coming from the offensive odours. The patients feel shameful to discuss their thoughts with others, hide them from relatives, friends and acquaintances, it is hard to admit such thoughts doctor. They spend a good deal of time looking at and analyzing their appearance ( "symptom of mirrors"), but there are razdosadovana if they are found doing this. It should be noted clearly incorrect assessment own image : a woman with a sharp low body weight as a thick; Youth with the correct features are convinced that there is an ugly nose; Nashchupavaet man in their head allegedly uroduti his scar. Patients have scarred the hunger, occupational health for cosmetic operations, the results of which they were so disappointing that they were losing hope for a normal existence came to the decision that "appear on the streets with the ugly appearance unacceptable" could suicide. Various options nonsense greatness usually accompanied by thriving, happy or calm, benign mood. Patients in this case usually tolerant of their jacket circumstances dobrozhelationa not inclined to aggression. They have no doubt that given an appearance that is the love you have rare abilities. Patient might believe it is the son of a great man; That the people who raised him, not his real parents; That it is a wonderful legacy, or a distinguished career. Some people attribute the works of well-known authors or argue that the established new device, which radically transformed the future of mankind. This has been going on for greatness reflected in the composition of parafrennogo and delusions syndromes. The mechanisms of crazy divided into primary and secondary. Primary crazy is a separate disorder of thought, unrelated to any of the other symptoms of mental disorder which is not accompanied by a hallucination. Primary talking is the most important manifestation of paranoyalnogo syndrome. Secondary crazy arises as a consequence of a violation of any of the other areas of the psyche. Thus, the emergence of olfactory hallucinations can be the cause of the patient confidence that his attempt to poison. Memory disorders are often the cause of older patients nonsense material damage. It is important to understand the dynamics of nonsense divided into systematic and nesistematizirovanna s (exist) crazy.
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areas of the psyche
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