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 the time of the brain

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They faced the opposition Scottish schools and schools Berngeima professor. Estonia claimed that the state of hypnosis - grade and unhealthy state of the brain that the artificially caused by anxiety. Berngeim same thought hypnosis simply fall due vnusheniem. And what can be hypnotized, as a consequence of verbal message. Time has defeated Scottish school, sliding, however, and school Berngeima its assiduously protected positions. Had it simply knew that the young Russian visitor will ankylopeetica Berngeima side, and will not only approve normality hypnotic sleep, but also the very air, it would surely not have been so privetliv. Already, a few years later, after a brief stay in Salpetriere Professor ankylopeetica read Society neurologists lecture at the very interesting disease : "Sdavljenie lumbar spinal cord surrounding somnambulizma pain and rheumatoid joints defeat the favourable treatment of these states formally." But collegam-vracham back lectures on healing the audience were needed then, and to use extreme not only on the wealth of scientific material, and most other, much more important reasons. The fact is that hypnosis in Russia was at the time under suspicion. And very, very heavily risked by those who promoted. Only hard work injuries and his comrades : articles in magazines, lectures, successfully treated patients, and many others contributed to the mood, as a method of treating various ailments, was adopted officially. Incidentally, the collective psychotherapy alcoholics under audience has made Russia ankylopeetica too. The way he has so far, with minor modifications is applied universally. Display unique moving : ankylopeetica round huge audience of specially collected patients. He began to speak about the dangers of alcohol, his speech to say zapadali in soul, the deeper people slept. Many, very many of the lives saved, and its most recent report, only 32 hours before the sudden death does semidesateletny ankylopeetica it is the collective psychotherapy under dressed. Yet, as a mission abroad ankylopeetica received a proposal to take the vacant chair of psychiatry at the Kazan University. After internal terzani (very much do not want to leave it suitable laboratory) ankylopeetica have agreed, and together with his wife went to Kazan. Eight years of instruction in the city is arguably the most fruitful period in the life back. In the early 1990s, a decade later, after Provodath a spinal and brain ", started out his original semitomnik Fundamentals exercises the functions of the brain" is a unique, not only in Russia but in the world of the Web that people knew by the time of the brain. This has been documented, reliable and solid foundation of the ideas that called nervisma "advanced in years regardless researchers and doctors worldwide. Ankylopeetica used for the first time the word "neurology" to refer to the full range of sciences nervous system to learn to be another century. He founded Russia in a special magazine : "Neurological Gazette. In the summer of 1893 suddenly found challenge. Head of the Military Medical Academy offered Professor Behterev primary in the country psychiatric P-chair chair nervous and mental diseases surplus Mergeevski on seniority. Approaching the description of injuries on the job, it should be noted that until quite recently, in psychiatry almost no Russian doctors. Even history written in German.
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the time of the brain
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