Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss
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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 take up exercise group health

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The disease is characterized by a wavelike, where periods of deterioration followed by periods of relative well-being. GB could lead to a number of complications : heart failure, ischemic heart disease, insultu, three kidneys. GB course, many patients complicated krizami hypertension. They are characterized by a sharp rise AD values, and can occur at all stages of the disease, and may experience nausea, vomiting, deteriorating eyesight. The therapeutic effects of physical exercise Exercise, as a stimulant biological regulatory systems, actively mobilize coping mechanisms and enhance adaptive capacity organism and the patient tolerance for endurance. It is extremely important that the exercise be accompanied, as a rule, the emergence of certain emotions, which is also a positive impact on the course of the nerve processes in the crust large hemispheres. Application of a variety of tools and techniques to reduce the risk muscle strength (elements massage, passive exercises izometricescie exercises followed rasslableniem) can be used to reduce the risk of vascular tone. The exercise has a positive impact on the health of the patient GB : reduced irritability, headaches, dizziness, insomnia, increased work. The basic principles of treatment and rehabilitation of patients GB Rehabilitation of patients GB should be strictly individual and planned in accordance with the following principles : 1. Treatment for the Border arterial hypertension and sick GB I stage is usually held nemedikamentoznami methods (bessolevaya diet, physiotherapy, autogenic training, etc.). Only in the absence of effects designate drugs. 2. Patients I and II stages leading role in the treatment of systemic drug therapy, which should be integrated. However, it is necessary to carry out systematic and preventive action, which is ranked physical culture. 3. Physical effort should be sick of the patient, stage of the process and the form of the disease. The exercises for all muscle groups, the rate of medium duration 25-30 min. Patients with stage I being treated patients, as well as in hospitals and sanatoriums. Typically, people with the border AG and in patients GB I use the pressure under which HR should not exceed 130-140 sp / min, and the AD-180/100 mm Hg. Art. In recent years, increased interest in the device in patients in GB izometricescom mode (static exercise). Gipotenzivne the static loads due to their positive impact on the culinary centres followed depressorna reaction. Thus, for up to an hour after such exercises AD lowered by more than 20 mm Hg. Art. Exercises in the izometricescom out by a person sitting or standing, they include retention in the hands of elongated arm (1-2 kg), piles of balls and other items. Exercises in the izometricescom to combine random rasslableniem muscles and breathing exercises. The use of the muscles of hands, shoulders, back, legs, at the neck muscles, the abdominal press. After a few months of occupation patients with hypertension border and stage I disease in the normal steady AD may move to take up exercise group health, sport, recreational jogging, some sports games, continuing the exercises relaxation of muscles. In hypertensive stage II A and B of the Rehabilitation impact and the conditions under which it is being held (clinic, hospital or sanatorium), depend on the patient's symptoms of complications and to adapt to physical activity. At this stage, a large proportion of their special activities, in particular, to the relaxation of muscles. Greater emphasis is being placed on the president and samassaju, especially vorotnikova zone.
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take up exercise group health
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