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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 sanitary gymnastics

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PostSubject: sanitary gymnastics   sanitary gymnastics Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 12:10 pm

Classes on bicycle must be in the presence of a medical doctor (especially at the outset). Phase freer than massage heads and vorotnikova zone may be imposed segmentarno-reflecto fied paravertebralnah massage zones, the situation of the patient sitting through the head at the hands or a pillow. Physical rehabilitation of patients at the outpatient phase as a valuable link, as outpatients undergoing treatment and rehabilitation of patients with the border arterial hypertension GUB1 stage. Patients other stages GB at the end of recovery treatment in a hospital and sanatorium intake clinics in the community, which is supporting the rehabilitation phase. Policliniceski the physical rehabilitation patients GB includes three modes of motion activity : NMR motional regime (5-7 days); Shchadasche-treniruty treatment (2 weeks); Treniruty burns treatment (4 weeks). Sparing engine regime. Objectives : normal blood pressure; Increased functionality cardiorespiratory system; Increased metabolism in the body; Strengthen heart muscle. The physical rehabilitation : therapy, exercises on simulators, dosage walking, massage, physiotherapy procedures. Classes are held LG group in the way of sitting and standing exercises assigned to large and medium-sized muscle groups, the pace slow and the average. The ratio of breathing - 3:1, the number of repeat 4-6 times. The exercises also included exercises in relaxation, balance, coordination of movements. Length, 20-25 min. Morning sanitary gymnastics should be the period of occupation, including 10-12 exercises, which should change periodically. If fitness classes are most appropriate for patients with GB : cycling, running track (slow pace); Walking simulator. The AD should not exceed 180/110mmo occur. Art. , and HR-110-120ud/min. Widely used dosage walking from the 2-3-go day is the distance 1-2 km with a speed of 80 to 90 steps / min. Massage Therapy : Massage paravertebralnah segments of the head, neck and vorotnikova zone, the duration of 10-15 minutes, treatment-20 procedures. Useful general air bath at a temperature of 18 to 19 with 15 to 25 minutes, swimming in the open water at a temperature of the water is below 19 C for up to 20 minutes. The procedures include the following : elektroson, hydrogen, iodine and radon baths. Ultraviolet radiation. Shchadasche-treniruty regime. Objectives
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sanitary gymnastics
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