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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 different clinical picture

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PostSubject: different clinical picture   different clinical picture Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 12:09 pm

Xantomatosny (cholesterol) pericardit develops when the sink pericardium sharply reduced regardless of the root causes pericardita. In these circumstances, due to the slow collapse of the липопротеиновых complexes of the выпоте, there are numerous cholesterol crystals. Xantomatosnye pericardita arise regardless of the level of cholesterol in the blood, the long-term, the outlook is favourable. Patients who are front and rear sreatmenami hearts in expanding inhaling only top of the chest, the lower ribs on the move are not involved, there is asymmetry tour chest, because the left nipple remains on the ground or zapadaet (Venkebaha symptom). Hospital hearts in adgezivne pericardite identified, in some cases by sistolicescoy phase of a further short-audio tone it (click). He was close to the end of Systolic and the hearing is seen as a division II tone, but is a constant does not change depending on the respiratory phases. Like other pericardiale noises, the tone of it is bad. The tone of it, sometimes heard pleuropericardialna e noises are more in the second, third mejreberlah right edge of the heart or the ilium bone. Noise severity varies depending on the respiratory phases, because the noise caused by the involvement of the heart pleura (rubbing sheets damages in the area reberno-mediastinal s floor). The diversity of symptoms in vnepericardialnah solders hearts and their typical combinations depend on the localization of different places. Often vnepericardiale seam combined with adhesive plevritom (fibraathoraksom). In rubtsovom mediastinopericardit e patient sometimes inhaling breath back in a much shorter period than in the teeth (sign Cooper), because of the central hemodynamics of sreatmenami. Constroguny (sdavlivati) pericardit a different clinical picture. It meets two to five times more frequently in men than in women. The largest number of cases are Junior age 20-50 years, but sometimes the disease in childhood or in old age (over 60). The most frequent reason constroguogo pericardita is tuberculosis; Up to 20-30% of all tuberculosis complicated pericarditov constrikciei heart. Bacterial pericardita either type sores, cause constroguomu pericarditu. Since the grand pericarditov more supportive and decreased mortality, the percentage of their transition into chronic, in particular sklerogenne forms. Entity gross scars removed and may end and poslerneva pericardit, especially if it is supported by the body temperature. Major clinical manifestations sdavlivatego pericardita form the so-called triple Beka : ORIONE high pressure, liver, "a small heart murmur."
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different clinical picture
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