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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 hearts half of the cases muted

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hearts half of the cases muted Empty
PostSubject: hearts half of the cases muted   hearts half of the cases muted Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 12:09 pm

People constantly complain Junior unpleasant feeling in the stomach, a sense of his caps, overflow, gravity. ORIONE pressure above 250 mm waters. Art. always suggests sdavlivati pericardit. Signs of venous hypertension detected in the overall inspection of the patient. There zianoz cheeks, ears, hands, oedema and neck ( "Constantine head", "true Stokes). Scheine located in constroguom pericardite nabuhshimi remain in all of the patient body. Clearly visible ripple major veins, their diastoliceski collapse. Clicking on the police podreberia can exacerbate inflammation neck veins (gepatougulyarnyi phenomenon). However, peripheral blood are not expanded due to the high compensatornomu tonusu they become circuit. Verhushechny boost heart in patients with sdavlivatm pericarditom not specified, and sometimes replaced sistoliceski vtajeniem on top of the heart. Nadcreus pulsation missing. Borders Cardiac Center is not expanded or improved slightly. Heart patients with constrictive pericarditom described as a "small, quiet and clean." Auto hearts half of the cases muted, but some patients are deaf, and even a cap. Many patients trejclenny the rhythm of the heart with the addition of tone in protodiastolicescuu phase. More rare symptoms fisichalnah in sdavlivatem pericardite the extra presistoliceski tone arising as a result of the growing Systolic predserdy. It is only when the projection little damaged rubtsovam process and dramatically gipertrofiruyutza breaking ORIONE high pressure. In patients with constrictive pericarditom at rest and with physical activity is a constant tachycardia. In the later stages at the rubtsovam prorastaniem attack predserdy mertzatelnaya is incredible. Констриктивный перикардит never runs without increasing the liver, predominantly left its share. The liver violated to varying degrees, exchange pigmentosa, as a rule, has not been violated. At the same time, spread spleen.
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hearts half of the cases muted
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