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 symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis

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PostSubject: symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis   symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 12:08 pm

The most typical gradual slow disease progression (the so-called classic form currents). How would appear implicit pain, a sense of restraint and swelling of joints. The suspension of a small number of joints. Pain in joints moderate arise only if movements. Characteristically feeling constrained in joints, a stronger in the morning. There swelling affected joints, and their sensitivity to palpation, hyperthermia skin over them, the color of which tended to be changed. Ever since the onset of the disease is characterized by the symmetry of arthritis. About 10% of patients Rheumatoid Arthritis begins and the long-term place in the form of mono - or oligoartrita predominantly large joints. A small portion of patients Rheumatoid arthritis may start badly. Frequent "bespricinnaya" fever oznobami with is the first and most pronounced symptom of this disease. Clinical picture determine the symptoms of intoxication and systemic manifestations, as serozit, cardit increase lymph nodes, liver, spleen, as well as leucocytosis increase Monday. Signs of arthritis at the outset may not (only poliartralgii), or are moderately expressed. Only a few weeks or even months of persistent joint syndrome becomes evident. In the future, especially under the influence of the treatment, there may be a transition to the classical version of the current, but not the trend towards aggressive downstream to the conservation during a period of rising fever. The few options to rheumatoid arthritis include recurrent arthritis. The acute or podostroe arthritis development of one or more joints, simply passing through a period of time without treatment. Duplicate attack may arthritis for a number of years before the development of a typical strong fever associated with rheumatoid arthritis. Very seldom rheumatoid arthritis may begin with a lash revmatoidnykh located subcutaneously or the internal organs (such as the lungs), the so-called rheumatoid nodules. The defeat joints in good time later. Joint syndrome is the clinical picture. The pathological process may be involved virtually any joints, as well as okolosustavee tissue (ligaments, tendons, muscles, etc.). The tendency to develop rheumatoid erosivnogo a symmetrical joints defeat and deformation. Typical of rheumatoid arthritis as arthritis mejfalangovykh proximal joints, as a result of which fingers were veretenoobraznuu shape and pastno-falangovykh inflammation of the joints. Often, the inflammation lucezapastnykh, ulna, and zapastnykh mezzapastnykh joints. One of the early symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis are to reduce estate intercostals muscle tale at hand due to a decrease in their functional activity miositom least. The defeat tendons and muscles changes play a major role in shaping the persistent distortions case : lateralnoe fingers deviation, deformation finger type pugovicna loop (sgibatelnaya contracture proximal and distal pererazgibanie mejfalangovykh joints), or "swan neck (sgibatelnaya contracture distal and proximal pererazgibanie mejfalangovykh joints). These distortions occur almost exclusively in revmatoidnom arthritis, and the concept of revmatoidnaya brush. " In God joints can be detected subacute knots. Most are located in the elbow and the tip of proksimalna elbow bone.
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symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis
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