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 degrees of functional deficiency

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Very seldom can create heart disease (lack of mitral valve or valve arteries). Revmatoidne lung damage include : diffuse fibrosiruty alveolitis, uzelkovoe defeat lung tissue vasculit. Serozit (more pleurisy, pericardit) found only in radiology study (Moderate spaechny process). Revmatoidne damage to the kidneys (glomerulonefrit) is rarer than amiloidoz and medicinal nefropatii and a moderate proteinuriei and mikrogematuriei. The combination of rheumatoid arthritis and stripped exokrinnah glands in the salivary and sleznah there, according to the different authors, from 10 to 15% of patients and is called Shegrena syndrome. The combination of rheumatoid arthritis with gepatosplenomegaliei and lakopenia called Felti syndrome, and the simultaneous presence of rheumatoid arthritis and ❑ uzelkovm to defeat light-syndrome Kaplan. One of the most serious complications of rheumatoid arthritis is amiloidoz. He is a 10 to 15% of patients, as a rule, many years from the beginning of the disease, but some patients are already in the early years. In accordance with the our country classification emit rheumatoid mono, or oligo- polyarthritis and systemic manifestations, which also include syndromes Felti, Kaplan and Shegrena. There are HIV-positive (if rheumatoid factor in the serum) and seronegativei (in absentia) rheumatoid arthritis. The revmatoidnykh factors (antiglobulinovh antibody different classes of immunoglobulins), particularly in high epidemiologist is to revmatoidnom arthritis not only diagnostic but also predictive value. The classification also identify three of the business, depending on the extent arthritis, the number of affected joints, vnesustavnykh manifestations and changes in laboratory activity inflammation, as well as for the current (quick progression or slow progression), radiological phase of the trial, and three degrees of functional deficiency disorders. X-ray changes, especially early detection of problems and lower feet, and also have great diagnostic value. The main features that are okolosustavna epifizarnyi osteoporosis, bone narrow slits, the provincial bone erozi (uzur). Okolosustavna osteoporosis is characterized by uniform decrease bone density; Clearly visible in the rate trabekulyarnyi epifizov figure has "eroded." Narrowing joint cracks in revmatoidnom arthritis occurs evenly throughout. The earliest changes erozivee joint surfaces occur in the proximal mejfalangovykh, pastno-falangovykh (more common with heads II ulna bone), joint, wrist bones, in lucezapastnom foot (particularly in the summer shilovidnyi elbow bone), as well as heads metatarsal bones. From a diagnostic point of view, it is important that bone erosion has been at the same time as the loss of the old joint and okolosustave osteoporosis.
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degrees of functional deficiency
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