Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss
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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 performed without objects

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PostSubject: performed without objects   performed without objects Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 12:07 pm

In revmatoidnom arthritis can see different sizes (often small) kistovidnye enlightenment in the field epifizov. In some cases, it is attributable to development revmatoidnykh granulem into the bone. Testimony to the appointment of therapy in patients with RA therapy for RA patients has been viewed at all stages of the disease after acute edema process. Patients with a high of treatment shown situation correction sets brushes, breathing exercises, etc. Contraindications to the appointment of therapy in patients with RA : * counter appointment exercise with a high (level III) of the activity, with the expressed sore syndrome and high ekssoudativei phenomena in joints. * It has not been demonstrated by the exercise expressed losses internal organs their insufficient functions (plevrita, pneumonia, cardita, jade, vasculita etc.). * recorded and general contraindications to the appointment exercise : infection, fever, acute and podostrae of internal organs, cardiovascular insufficiency II and the other means and methods of exercise therapy in patients with RA that after taking analgesics and miorelaksantov that reduce morning limitations and pain syndrome. The main tools at the disposal of kinesiology include physical exercise. They can be used in three ways : individual, group and advisory. Individual method, applied for heavier patients with limited ability to move, which requires a case-by-case approach. Thus, this method is applicable in surgical units in the development of surgical treatment. The group method is the most distributed. The main criterion for appointment to the group work is the functional state of the patient and the degree of adaptability to the physical load on a course of the disease (active process, the bones, etc.). Advisory method is applicable in cases where a patient can go to hospitals, and when he had finished treatment and discharged home with dolecivaniem at home. Hospitalized in physiotherapy at home, a time to a doctor and metodistu therapy for re-examinations and receive guidance for further studies. Exercise is usually performed without objects and the objects : sticks, skakalki, bowling, balls, balls, cones. Moreover used benches and gym wall. Recently, the use of special facilities, where the exercise is carried out by podwesov, blocks and goods (Ugul is a universal ideal Cabinet and Republican-rehabilitation pricrowatnaya installation). In our country, they were brought from Poland. Starting position for RA patients can be : lying, sitting, lying on its side, lying on the floor. The prerequisites are exercise-regularity regularity and continuity of Occupation (hospital, clinic, spa, your home). The physical load at training exercise is contingent upon a host of factors, but it should always be tailored to the patient's age and state of health. To increase the burden should be to increase the number of repetitions of exercises and the pace of their implementation. To reduce the load, it is necessary to reduce the number of exercises, the number of repetitions and the pace of their implementation. Load can be considered valid if after school feel motivated and vivacity is reduced rigidity in the joints and muscles.
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performed without objects
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