Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss
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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 limiting their movements

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PostSubject: limiting their movements   limiting their movements Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 12:06 pm

To determine the accuracy of a count down before and after school, it allows to determine the validity of the complex. Pulse before and after school may be at the same level. If the pulse load increases in the 16 to 20 strikes in 1 min. or dropped after pressure is the norm. If the pulse is increased in the 30 to 40 strikes in 1 min. Should draw attention to the dosing exercises, and the pace of combining exercises with the breath. In therapy sessions between three periods : Preparatory season going 10-15 min, within 2-3 days. Objectives : relaxation training, teaching the patient to breathe correctly, combining exercise with breathing. To prepare the patient for the forthcoming loads. Principal or treniruty period duration 25-30 min, 10-15 days. Goals and objectives : building muscle strength, the restoration of the basic functions of the musculoskeletal system, the increase in the amplitude of movements in the joints. Final period for the 3-5 days prior to discharge from the hospital and is your house. Aims and objectives : the patient to conduct at home. Early training exercise contribute to the prevention of restrictions and restore motor functions. The acute period of disease and the worsening of chronic poliartritov, in a time of high activity of rheumatoid the treatment position. With lower activity and a preference to contrakturam should perform passive exercises with the help of developer. Treatment of 1. Bed is smooth progibatsa not better under the mattress to shield. 2. Feet should be placing the foot end of the bed have a box or a cardboard box or special stand at the foot. 3. Most of change lying, sitting, to facilitate the recovery of the foot end of the bed, causing strong "spiritual." 4. For hand-relaxation at the Palace, charikah. In inclinations to contrakturam in pastno-falangovykh joints and ulnarna deviation use longetami treatment. 5. The impact of hip joints and limiting their movements to a patient to a high bed that he was comfortable to sit and stand. To combat sgibationami contrakturami in hip joints to the Polish throne : the upper torso and limbs gluteus podlaugiti mattress 4-5 cm thickness of the leg in a relaxed situation in razgibalaci tazobedrennom knee. The foot must be in focus. 6. In inclinations to contrakturam in knee joints podkladavaem roller under the heel (2 higher heels), and at the end you can put bags with sand, or better put "arm" made of a dense fabric width of 12 cm and on the sides of the pockets of the cargo. 7. The impact of shoulder joints side of change : focus in the hands of the parties, and placement of the shoulder joints rollers, inflatable balls. If possible, raise their hands above their heads for the back.
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limiting their movements
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