Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss
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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 walking and recreation

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PostSubject: walking and recreation   walking and recreation Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 12:06 pm

This exercise involving neck muscles, trapezoidal, muscles, raising Blade, great or small diamond, diaphragms, intercostals muscles, the front wall of the abdomen, podwzdoshno-poyasnicna, sphincter, the muscles in the foot and leg. The diseases of the digestive efficiency LG largely depends on the choice of baseline provisions allowing different regulate vnutribruchnoe pressure. Most of i.p. lying with her legs (on the left or right side on the back); in focus, in the kneeling, standing on what standing and sitting. I.p. lying recommended during a period of rising and in the immediate aftermath of the deterioration of the disease, as the most sensitive to the smallest functional changes to ensure the best possible conditions to perform breathing exercises (lying on his back with legs bent), arbitrary muscle. These assumptions convenient to perform exercises for the abdominal muscles and press tazovogo floor. Anatomo-topografica s relationship gallbladder, common bile flow and duodenal ulcers to recommend i.p. lying on the left side, standing on what, in which bile flow in the direction of the cervix and bladder ampoule is under the influence of hydrostatic pressure. Extras accelerating outflow bile in the background of the vnutribruchnogo pressure with the full breath with a focus on the diaphragm and some of the abdominal muscles press. I.p. in the kneeling (on what) with the need to limit the impact on the stomach muscles, a mechanical movement of stomach and bowel loops; i.p. standing and sitting used to the greatest effect on the digestive system. LG in the aquatic environment in the basins of fresh or mineral water. Exercises are carried out from i.p. lying to float devices or handrail sat on the hanging stulchike standing and on the move. The sessions of 20 to 40 minutes. The temperature of 24-26 C. The treatment of 12-15. Classes are conducted and the individual or malogroupovm method. Terrenkur outdoors coach and zakalivaet organism normalizes psihoemozionalnuyu area. This is a natural physical exercise-walking. Modulate the physical strain can change distance, the angle of recovery, the pace of walking (a given distance in a given period of time), the number of stops for recreation and their duration, the use of breathing exercises during walking and recreation, 1-2 appointment or three walks a day, alternating days training with the rest days. Sports games from the physiological point of view is a complex ceramic muscle activity constrain their dosage. This shortcoming offset their high emotion. Game activities will include a large reserve of the cardiovascular system. LG applied after a period of severe illness. It should be cautious to exercise if they increased the pain.
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walking and recreation
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