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 inflammation antibiotic

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PostSubject: inflammation antibiotic   inflammation antibiotic Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 11:30 am

How topical antibiotics were the most diverse. These include : primocki solution with products pripudrivania powder, infiltration home inflammation solution antibiotics, etc. The local use of antibiotics in the form of primocek, pripudrivania powder drugs for the treatment of purulent wounds festering acute inflammatory processes not spread because of its low efficiency, which is determined by the rapid destruction of the drug in the abdominal injury and the rapid development of ecological sustainability antibiotic. Moreover, the determinant of the effectiveness of therapy, is a grand and necrotic tissue injury, which antibiotics do not act. Necrotic tissue delay healing, protect organisms from the effects of antibiotics. Antibiotic without resistance of microorganisms in their shadow sides was not justified. Antibiotics and wood can only temporarily inhibit microbial contamination of wounds stunt the growth of abdominal infections, leaving aside such an important process, as lysis of necrotic tissue, which was vital to healing. The infiltration home inflammation solution with antibiotics новокаином efficient. With this method of preparation inflammation around infiltrata a high concentration of antibiotics, and the introduction of them in novokainovy infiltration contributes to the long delay in the preparation in the middle of inflammation. The rate is effective only at the primary, infiltrativoy stage inflammation; In the case of the transition process in gnanuu phase shows prompt treatment. On the downside, infiltration pockets inflammation antibiotic should also include sensitivity of this procedure, the unacceptability of the deep containment chamber inflammation in the grand bone diseases, as well as a lack of focus antibacterial effects, as the suspected infection and its sensitivity to antibiotics, as a rule, remain unknown. Treatment of severe festering wounds fingers and hands, especially in the bone skeletal forms panariciev different time period may include a therapeutic injection of chemicals to antibiotics. Injecting the introduction of antibiotics in solution novokaina the band to complete soon. Contraindications restrict use intravenous infusions of antibiotics in the treatment of diseases decaying limbs. Well-developed method intraosteal of medicinal substances (vnutricostnaya anaesthesia, blood transfusions, etc.) a prerequisite for the use of the way for the introduction of antibiotics in the treatment of gnano-vospalitiona the limbs. The introduction of antibiotics, however, may be held fraktin, i.e. Several times a day being injected antibiotics solution through needle left in the bone.
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inflammation antibiotic
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