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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 antagonism can occur

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PostSubject: antagonism can occur   antagonism can occur Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 11:28 am

" Clinical experience, the literature suggests that the failure antibiotikoterapii to be largely driven by mistakes in the conduct of its insufficient familiarity of the audience with them and the measures to prevent them. 1. The errors antibiotikoterapii should be diverse without proper evidence the administration of antibiotics, which shall, in cases where their use can be dispensed with. At the present time, there is no doubt that the use of antibiotics in насморках, фарингитах, фурункулах, "influenza" unexplained субфебрилитете and other not only useless, but given their ability to cause adverse reactions that bad. 2. Another mistake antibiotikoterapii which is a tactical nature, is the use of small or unduly high doses of drugs. This covers too short or too long antibiotikoterapii courses. Quite often in outpatient facilities antibiotics such as penicillin, which appointed dose U 200000-300000 a day, give or one double, which was rapidly adapted microflora antibiotic. It is intolerable situation is free (without prescription) sale of antibiotics in drugstores : patients at the various diseases, mainly prostoudnogo nature apply to antibiotics tablets, one tablet three times a day. There is the other extreme in the administration of antibiotics, the use of excessively high doses. 3. Serious mistake antibiotikoterapii under high ecological sustainability antibiotic should be considered a last excluding microflora sensitivity to antibiotics and quickly moving adaptation of microorganisms to them, which requires the timely replacement of antibiotics. Special attention must be given to inadequate knowledge of doctors with new domestic and imported supplies of antibiotics, which leads to the use of the same antibiotics with different names. For example, the domestic product биомицин (хлортетрациклин) in other countries issued under names-ауреомикоин, ауреомицин, хлортетрациклин, диомицин, дуомицин; Domestic product oletetrin (combined product oleandomitina and tetracycline), in other countries, issued under names-sigmamiqin, tetraolean, signemitin, antibiotic RA-775, etc. 4. Through a combination of antibiotics and other drugs, it should be borne in mind the possibility of their cooperation, they can enhance medical effects (synergy), have antagonistic act or increase side effects. Antagonism can occur in combination with пенициллинов левомицетином, эритромицином, олеандомицином, тетрациклинами; With a combination of streptomycin and polimiksinami levomicetinom etc. Increased side effects observed while appointing antibiotics such as aminoglikozida, polimiksin in combination with levomicetina ristomitinom, levomicetina with sulfanilamidami and nitrofuranami etc. During operations under anaesthetic air aminoglikozidov use may cause serious complications in patients. Irregularities sound combinations of antibiotics have serious consequences, can lead to severe complications, often with irreversible brain.
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antagonism can occur
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