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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 alcohol solution lizuoqing

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PostSubject: alcohol solution lizuoqing   alcohol solution lizuoqing Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 11:24 am

The external hearing passage poured 1.5-2 ml of medicinal substances, and then keep your kozelok the entrance of a passage of music, and slightly vdavlivaya and releasing it produces stirring for 10-15 with. The feeling sick solution mouth indicates penetration drugs from middle ear through the listening tube in the mouth cavity. Raising the same can be done with the help of huge Siegle or container Politzer. After washing or injection drugs should be carefully drain off, and if there is a large perforation by poroshkovduwatel a light spray in the ear finely pulverized powder boric acid sulfanilamidnykh, antibiotics, etc. Vduwati powder should be in such a way that it merely pripudrival mucous membranes barrel cavity; a thick layer of powder does not absorb moisture, in the form of fixed conglomerate, which make it difficult to get out and pressure cause additional irritation of mucous membrane. Only then a second phase of treatment, which is the direct impact on the mucous membrane of middle ear various Drugs. The use of antibacterial agents acting on the gram bacteria (1% solution dioksidina etc.). Treatment with antibiotics are given sensitivity to the tablets. They should be changed from 10 to 14 days to prevent goiter and fungal disease. Widely used natural antibacterial drugs : hlorofillipt, lysozyme, etc., as well as alcohol solution Antiseptic funds. If allergic reactions ear designate drugs glukokorticosteroido at. For the treatment of chronic purulent otites use energy neon laser. Success also applies ozone for irrigation barrel cavity in the form of ozonirovannogo solution to the follow-aeration ozono-kislorodna cocktails. During remission patient must comply with a number of hygiene rules : 1. There is a need to close the outer hearing passage during bathing, washing of the head. Wadding, which rose external hearing passage should be nemalenkoy and Field smochena grease or oil to water does not vpitavalaci. 2. There is a need to inform the patient that it was dangerous cancer, as this could cause worsening of chronic disease. In stormy weather ear to the blind. Difficult to differentiate eight acute otitis average and the exacerbation of chronic otita. Often, the diagnosis is made after the exacerbation. You can diagnose the perforation. In acute gnanom otite she recalled hole, and when chronic gnanom otite it round. Increasing treated the same as acute otitis eight. Maintenance exacerbation of chronic purulent otita : 1. While awaiting a reply from bacteriological laboratories antibiotics appoint a wide spectrum of activity. Most of the flora middle ear is streptococci, pnevmokocchi, gram bacteria : sinegnanaya wand, Escherichia coli. There should be a drop of the alcohol-based products. After toilet ear usually buried or put turundu from 3% mo alcohol. If a man has not passed bornuu acid appoint 1-5% solution salicylic acid. In addition, using 1-3% alcohol solution lizuoqing. In persistent cases (sinegnanaya wand) Apply 1% formalin solution, or 1% silver nitrate. Implement 20-30% solutions albucida (sulfazil sodium). Recently, the widely used dimexid (30-50% solution), it permeates through biological membranes, thus paralysing fabric breath germs. You can use 1% solution dioksidina. Local treatment during gnoetechenia ear is a systematic daily promavani ear warm solution : 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide, 5% solution of boric acid, 1% solution of zinc sulfate, 2-3% protargola or kollargola, furazilina solution (1:5), the solution of antibiotics with mandatory preliminary study sensitivity to the tablets. If there is evidence of local allergy (swollen mucous membrane barrel cavity, a vodanistye, etc.) to the solution of antibiotic add hydrocortisone suspension, for example, 250 mg tetraoleana dissolved in 50 ml izotoniceski solution of sodium chloride and add 2 mL (50 mg) hydrocortisone suspension.
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alcohol solution lizuoqing
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