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 greatest medical scientists

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They cover the areas of science, of philosophy, medicine, logic, psychology, "physics" (ie, science), astronomy, mathematics, music, chemistry, ethics, literature, linguistics, etc. However, the Ibn Sina famous mainly through his writings on philosophy and medicine. Among come before us philosophical literature scholar mention "Book of Healing" (Kitab ash-shifa ")," Book of Salvation "(Kitab an-najat"), "Directions and guidance (" Al-isharat va-t-tanbihat) and the Book of Knowledge "(Da-nish-name"). Ibn Sina used every asset, which was developed by his predecessors in the field of science and philosophy and a philosophy have top development ideas in the Middle East in an era of the early Middle Ages. Despite the controversy of individual provisions, philosophical teachings of Ibn Sina in feudalism was progressive role. It is clearly materialistic trend, the desire to counter the religious scholarship based on the experience and logical evidence. An interesting is the Ibn Sina psychology. In this regard, he made a big step towards materialism, which for the first time sought to link certain moral man with certain parts of the brain. Publestvenno-politic What views of the great philosopher attest to the fact that in this respect it was progressive ideals. Ibn Sina stood for the ideal state, which has a population should consist of rulers, producers and troops, and each of us should do useful work. Ibn Sina successfully seized with other sciences. He has broad for its expertise in the field of chemistry, and he wrote several chemical works. Ibn Sina has done much to further the development of chemistry, mainly because of the criticism of the deceased, namely, the potential for base metals in the noble. In the field of geology he was sure close modern scientific theory views on goroobrazovanie. In his view, the mountains is a result of two factors : one, raising the earth's crust during strong earthquakes, 2 of the flow of water, which in the search for ways of making better in the valleys and that the education is high elevations. Ibn Sina was a lot of questions and botany, because as a doctor, he could not pay due attention to the study of plants with medicinal properties. Carl Linnaeus (1707-17078), the Merit Ibn Sina in the science, as pronounced tropical plant their name-Avicennia. There was marked by Ibn Sina and in the field of poetry. Many of its scientific treatises he wrote poems of rajaz. In addition to a number of written works, which had a considerable influence on subsequent persoyazychnuu literature. There is a link between the message Ibn Sina "At-tair" ( "Bird") and some say "Faridaddin Attar (12 century)" Mantik at-tair ( "Conversation birds"). This theme is introduced in the Uzbek literature Alisherom Navoi (1414-1492). There are several kit'a and gazelei about 40 chetverostishi Ibn Sina in Persian language. The great merit Ibn Sina in medicine. His rightly considered one of the greatest medical scientists in the history of mankind. According to various sources, the total number of medical literature Ibn Sina reaches 50, but are still about 30. In content, they may be divided (with the exception of "Can") conditionally into three groups : 1) general works, which describe the various sections of medicine and some of the theoretical issues; 2) studies on diseases of a single body or a specific disease such as heart disease and the treatment, the disease large bowel (kulang) on the problems of sexual organs; 3) works on lekarstovedeniu. However, the medical work of Ibn Sina, he had inflicted old glory of the entire cultural world is the "Canon medical science."
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greatest medical scientists
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