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 abdominal cavity

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PostSubject: abdominal cavity   abdominal cavity Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 10:53 am

In recent years the problem of ectopic pregnancy once again become relevant to the medical community. The reason is that in recent times there is an ever-growing number of women suffering from this type of disease during pregnancy. This fact can be ambiguous explanation. On the one hand, there is a growing incidence of infectious diseases of internal genital organs, the number of surgical interventions in the fallopian tubes, which are aimed at the regulation of births, a growing number of women using intrauterine devices (IUDs). On the other hand, improved methods of diagnosis, and this has led to the diagnosis of an intact, and even regressiroutei ectopic pregnancy. Unfortunately, in Russia vnematocnah number of pregnancies had been magnified by the large number of abortions and, consequently, a large number of complications. "Over the past 40 years, the problem of birth control in Russia met with the widespread availability of induced abortion and the very limited use of modern contraceptive methods. In fact, it is a national model of family planning based mainly on the use of induced abortions as a method of birth control. " Moreover, the increase in the number of pregnancies vnematocnah will steadily grow with the increase in the number of pregnancies resulting from assisted reproduction. The ectopic (ectopicescoy) pregnancy understand pregnancy, in which implantation occurred outside the cavity of the uterus. This process can proceed at different rates depending on the location and with a more or less pronounced bleeding. If plodnoe egg develops in the department istmicescom pipes, there was bazotropony growth vorsin sampling, which are rapidly destroying all sectors of the pipe. And to 4-6 this week leads to the breakdown of the pipe and massive bleeding. Similarly through pregnancy, in the chemical department intersticialnom pipes, but because of the greater thickness of muscular layer duration of the pregnancy and is 10-12 weeks. In ampularna localization amniocentesis eggs can be implanted amniocentesis eggs in andosalpingsa creases. In this case, growth vorsin sampling possible in the pipe clearance. The result antiperistaltiki pipes may expulsion otsloivchegosa amniocentesis eggs in the abdomen with, or Steel is abortion. At the close of fimbrialnogo izlivatayasa pipe in the pipe clearance blood leads to the formation of gematosalpingsa. With open proswete screen blood deriving from pipes and svorachivayasi in its craters, may constitute peritubarnuu haematoma. In skaplivanii blood Duglasovom space formed zamatocnaya bruise, otgranicennaya of abdominal fibrosna capsule. On rare occasions plodnoe egg driven out of the pipe does not kill, and coated in the abdominal cavity and continues to evolve. Under certain circumstances may develop ovarian pregnancy, which is rarely a long time and leads to the breakdown of plodovmestylisa, accompanied by significant bleeding. Signs ectopicescoy pregnancy Clinic of the pipe. Suddenly, a sharp pain in the bottom of the abdomen and groin, irradiirute in the shoulder Blade, the rectum. Frequent symptoms : cold sweat, loss of consciousness. An objective examination. Identification fall AD frequent weak pulse, pallor of skin and mucous membranes. Stomach with palpation painful on the part of the gap symptom Shchetkina-bluemberg slabopolojitelen. Perkutorno signs free fluid in the abdominal cavity.
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abdominal cavity
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