Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss
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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

Weight Loss Efforts and Diet Aids Discussion
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Recent works CHOICE Bohmana has reported that the source of giperestrogenia (especially in menopause) should be regarded as excess weight and the resulting increased aromatizatiou androgenov in estrogena in adipose tissue. Thus, for non - reproductive system of fat exchange indirectly through modified steroidogenez cause giperestrogenia and a giperplasticeskih the endometrium. Clinical manifestations clinically giperplasticskie processes endometrii (GGE) manifest violation of menstrual function. With the development of the disease can be observed sudden onset of bleeding (where krovopotera is greatly weakens beds, leads to anemia). In other cases neobillinoe bleeding, but a long, continues for several weeks, and sometimes months, and also leads to the secondary anaemia. The nature of bleeding in patients with GGE may be aziklicescimi or cyclical. Acyclic bleeding is more likely to occur after amenorrhea varying lengths (from 6-8 weeks to a few months). Sometimes they are 2-3 weeks after the end of the menstruation or bleeding. At a young age when adenomatozhnykh polyps and maintaining normal function endometrium were mejmenstruale of blood. Cyclical bleeding occurred in the regular time of menstruation, continuing and long-term problems with anemia (general weakness, malaise, dizziness, etc.), a blood arising postmenopauzalnom period must always be seen as a sign of pre-condition or cancer. Diagnosis Survey patients must be integrated. In examining the history, special attention should be paid to the diagnosis, especially menstrual cycle in the past, the procreative function postponed general and gynaecological disease. There is a need to identify the dynamics giperplasticski process, his retidivirovnie, take a careful look at the quality and effectiveness of the previous treatment of the GGE. As the etiology and pathogenesis of giperplasticeskih endometrium a special role to play as functional ovaries, widespread tests functional diagnostics. The most accessible and simple measure rectal temperature, on the basis of data that may determine dwuhfaznosti cycle. A primary survey is that cytological examination of material obtained by aspiration from a uterus. The main task of cancer is the discovery and study of changes in the endometrium cells in the giperplaziah nuclei increase compared to the size of the cells polymorphism size and shape of individual cells.
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