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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 original cylindrical cell membrane

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PostSubject: original cylindrical cell membrane   original cylindrical cell membrane Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 10:52 am

Problem giperplasticeskih the endometrium does not lose its importance as from the perspective of cancer prevention endometrium, and the positions of the restoration and preservation of reproductive function. This is particularly important at the present time, taking into account the change in the ecological situation and the resulting increase in pathology endometrium attached importance to the prevention, early diagnosis, adequate treatment phase followed by the restoration of menstrual and reproductive functions. Classification Giperplasticskie processes endometrii differ in the degree of development and sometimes become pre disease. Gistological WHO classification : 1. Endometriale polyps; 2. Endometrialnaya giperplazia; 3. Atipical giperplazia endometrium. Polish classification : 1. Jelezistaya giperplazia endometrium; 2. Jeleuzisto-kistosnaya giperplazia endometrium; 3. Atipical giperplazia endometrium (adenomatos); 4. Polyps endometrium. Morphology Jelezistaya giperplazia endometrium and jeleuzisto-kistosnaya giperplazia endometrium essentially a single process, the difference is the change kistosny glands in jeleuzisto-kistoederal hyperplasia of endometrium. Therefore it is considered that the principal difference between these types of hyperplasia not. For this pathology is the disappearance of dividing the endometrium bazalny and functional layers. Between endometriem miometriem and a clear separation, the number of species increased, the shape and placement of a very uneven. Part glands is in the form of cyst, выстланных Single Orpaz with clearly defined edge апикальным cells. Gistological picture of a type of Swiss cheese. Adenomatos is restructuring and more intensive proliferatiei glands than other types of hyperplasia. Has nerezkuu provided and the form. In nerezka form large and small gland separated by a relatively thin layers stroma, cylindrical epithelium mnyaderny glands. Signs of atypical turn can be expressed, to varying degrees, and observed throughout the giperplazirovanna eye or only on the individual sites. With home atipii in polipe talking about adenomatozhnykh polipah. Atipia glands structure is increasingly in the form of adenomatoza over-density glands, increase their numbers. The glands that are not very expressed. In most cases, cancer has izvitye with numerous offshoots, and that are so tightly around each other, in places, almost squeezed a stromu. Some enlarged gland are sosockove cuticle toward clearance gland. The Edition section, they offer an image, known as the "iron in the gland." Atipia epithelial cell cancer is more or less expressed their anaplazii, that is the transformation of these cells, in which they become less and less differentiated than the original cylindrical cell membrane. Anaplazirovanne cell membrane iron lose the ability to respond to hormonal influence. Prolonged of estrogen leads to excessive proliferation endometrium : utolsaetsa signs, getting cancer, they are kistoobraznae expansion. With the ageing of the organism increases hypothalamic activity of the governing secretion follikulostimulirut his hormone (opened). Secretia opened increases, causing compensatornoe strengthening of the ovaries : ovaries are in a growing number of secretirovti instead of the classical estrogen (seconds and estrona), the so-called neclassicescie fenolsteroida.
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original cylindrical cell membrane
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