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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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The platzentarnogo lactogen in the serum of pregnant rats with reduced fruit three times (rule 10 g / ml). Of factions estrogen most informative indicator excretion estriola : hormone excretion less than 12 mg / day (okoloplodnykh waters less than 50 ml diet) showed platzentarna failure. For the attention of the current new method of diagnosing fetal hypoxia, based on the examination of different parameters of the blood (CCO, the level of hemoglobin, etc.) from the cordozenteza. In the period of exile to clear the grounds of hypoxia hello cardiotokogramme expressed bradikardii to 80 sp / min or tachycardia more than 190 sp / min; Recorded steady monotony and rhythm Already, in response to potugu been long delayed deceleration to 50 sp / min, both in the head, and tazovom predlejanii fruit. The head outside predlejanii she recorded W-obraznae deceleration to 50 sp / min. Of great importance in the identification of fetal hypoxia is sponsoring a study of blood from predlejaschei parts. In the first period, giving pH below 7.2 indicates hypoxia, and from 7.20 to 7.24 on preazidoze, and require re-examination. The lower limit of pH in the second period, giving 7.14. No mekonia through childbirth less describes the fruit, but to focus attention on the grave situation and has value only if predlejanii head. Depending on the length and depth of hypoxia mekonia impurity in the waters of a different nature : the weighted pieces in the early stages of hypoxia to education dirty emulsion with severe hypoxia. The mekonia in okoloplodnykh waters may indicate not only strong, but short-term or long-term hypoxia fruit that arose prior to the birth, and the fruit in the absence of new episodes of hypoxia may be born without a face. Treatment During pregnancy treatment of chronic fetal hypoxia must be integrated. In treating HIV infection, a pregnant it is necessary to therapy aimed at normalizing blood platzentarnogo, improved fruit supplies oxygen and energy products, increased responsiveness of the system mathi-plod and sustainability of the fruit to hypoxia, the creation of conditions conducive to the flow of metabolism. To accomplish these goals, the first thing to do is to affect the kislorodotransportnu n the placenta by : * expansion matern-platzentarnah receptacles; * relax muscles uterus; * normalization reokoagulih properties of blood; * activate metabolism Oxytocics and placenta. First of all pregnant women should be quiet. Bed mode which improves blood circulation in the uterus, is shown in the identification of fetal hypoxia and keeping it in the development, especially when nedonoshenna pregnancy. Supply organism mother oxygen improves as a result of inhalation of using masks. The best option is pregnant inhalation 40-60% kislorodno-vozdushna mixture of 4-5 l / min for 60 minutes 1-2 times a day. A clear effect of a cocktail oxygen or oxygen foam. Oxygen cocktail absorbed slowly; It takes 150 to 200 ml for 10 minutes, and more than 1.5 hours before or two hours after a meal. For the prevention and treatment of hypoxia in the mother and fetus with cardiovascular diseases successfully applied giperbaricescuu oksigenatiu. In order to improve matern-platzentarnog blood in the comprehensive therapy include estrogena that affect the metabolic processes endometrii increase the permeability of the placenta, increasing the conversion of glucose and nutrients to the fetus. One of the products that have a weak oestrogenic effects and improve matern-platzentarnyi bloodstream is sigetin to give a 1-2% solution of 2-4 ml in 20 ml of 40% glucose solution. It should be against the backdrop of sosudorasshirath (2.4% solution eufillina struino intravenous drip or in the dose of 10 ml, complamin to 0.15 g three times a day during meals or 2 ml 15% solution 1-2 times a day, kurantil to 0.5 ml / kg intravenous drip for 2-5 hours or combination of 0.025 g 2-3 times a day after infusions). Normalization matern-platzentarnog blood and activate metabolism in platzente apply tokolitiki (β-adrainomimetiki) of the new generation brikanil, ginipral of intravenous infusions (for the solution of glucose) in 0.5 mg, long. In order to normalize reokoagulih properties of the blood used desagreganta (trental, low dekstrana) and the combined (heparin 20,000 U / day in the form of subcutaneous injections or intravenous infusions).
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activate metabolism
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