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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 did not want to do engage

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PostSubject: did not want to do engage   did not want to do engage Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 2:33 am

People since ancient times have learned to distinguish between mental disorders of corporal. And, not knowing how to explain them carefully documented. To date, the history of mental illness is millennium. Wavilonski ancient Babylon king "skital-sa the region by lowering the head to pasture; All enriched feed and grass. " Have at different times and places shelters for the mentally ill. But they are reminiscent of the prison : patients severely beaten, chained, put painful treatments. True humane history psychiatry begins with Pinel, a French physician who first patients withdrew from the circuit. Pinel was the chief medical care for mental Bister during the Great French Revolution. It was probably inspired Revolution Whirls of equality and fraternity, and seized Pinel, forced him to think about patients. Bister was at the time very scary place : Hospice at the same time, dementia and the prison. Troubled patients were shackled to the walls, along with bandits and killers. Application Pinel withdraw from the chain has become the government of confusion. Member Kuton government, a close ally Robespiera Pinel said : "A citizen, I am leaving tomorrow naveshchu you in Bistere, grief you or if your pomeshannami hidden enemies of the people." Pinel fatally running. Kuton keep promise and looked Bister. He said Pinel : 'Okay. Do the guys, but I fear that you will become a victim of his own courage. " Removing chains has been a great step. Pinel, in the precise words of psychiatrists, sumasshed-shego elevated to the status of the patient. After the release of the sick in France, the same was done in England and then in Germany. In Russia the fate of the mentally ill, it must be noted, was much less than in other countries. What felt more punishment. Only zagadernstew Russian soul can be attributed to the rest of Russia urodovyih (example of this famous temple St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow). Haven for all distressing spirit as monasteries, and in the second half of the 18th century, the construction of houses contempt. In 1857, seriously psychiatry up young doctor from the Medical Academy Baliński; With nego-to and begins scientific history of psychiatry in Russia. His pupil and receiver Merzewski already regularly lectured on psychiatry at the Academy, which intended to do ankylopeetica. But long before the events described question : whether mental illness in violation function of the brain or not? Why brain? Why not liver, for example? Or anything? Yet brain. We can not describe here, as was the struggle (in the literal sense) with regard to this matter. Say only that it is not easy to run the world medical science this crucial step forward. The emergence of young doktora-uchenogo. It is interesting to be said about zanatne coincidence : birth year Vladimir injuries coincided with the start of Balinski in psychiatry. So, the 1857th year. After 16 years ankylopeetica, completing seven classes hated school, went to St. Petersburg, in Mediko-hirurgicescuu Academy. Indeed, I did not want to do engage in medicine. In high school or not (other than bedtime school certificate quartet of physics and the law of God). Very passionate natural sciences. But to make this desire into Watke was nowhere, and the idea of continuing education at the school was protivna him. Terms River and boredom, and there seems to be hopelessness. God and podvorachivetsa random announcement of the admission to the Academy Mediko-hirurgicescuu after the seventh grade school. But even now as a student, ankylopeetica not going to the brain.
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did not want to do engage
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