Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss
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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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PostSubject: slight increase   slight increase Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 9:36 pm

Visible swelling appear first on the presentations and leg, and then can develop a common facial subcutaneous fatty tissue and appears hydrocysts cavities : liver, gidrotoraks, gidropericard. The study of the respiratory system caused by prolonged stagnation identify development emphysema and pnevmoskleroza : lower mobility lower pulmonary province, a small excursion chest. While listening to the "stagnation" hripa (mostly in the lower divisions, melkopouzyrchatae, wet, nezvonkie) and the harsh breath. From the cardiovascular system, regardless of etiology HSN identifies a number of symptoms as a result of a fall contractile function of heart. These include an increase in heart (because miogenna dilatation), a very large (so-called cor bovinum "bychie heart"); Glukhosti heart tones, especially I tone; Galopa rhythm; Tachycardia; New optical noise relative mitral insufficiency, and / or trejstvorchatogo valve. Systolic pressure, and diastolicescoe slightly increased. In some cases, developing "long" arterial hypertension, declining to the extent of the symptoms of HSN. Symptoms stagnation in a large range of diseases are also nabuhaniem yaremnah veins, which further nabuhaut with horizontal patient (as a result of an increased flow of blood to the heart). The study of the digestive system found increased slightly painful liver, which over time becomes more dense and smooth. Spleen is not increased, but rarely expressed by circulatory failure is a slight increase (not flatly reject and other causes increases). As HSN currents are progressive decreases in body mass index, the patient develops a so-called cardiac cachexia, the patient to "dry." There is a marked atrophy of muscles in the limbs combined with a significantly larger zivotom (liver). Trophic developed skin lesions in the jaw, dryness, a pigmentation on the ground. Thus, after the second stage of the existence and severity circulatory failure set with certainty. At stage III specify : 1) the severity gemodinamicakih violations and the loss of contractile function of the heart; 2) Some links pathogenesis HSN; 3) The degree of destruction and the functional state of the various organs and systems of the body. Finally, make a diagnosis of the disease, resulting in the development of circulatory failure.
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slight increase
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