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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 various measures

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PostSubject: various measures   various measures Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 9:33 pm

Then again live cuticles wine, iodine. Removing rust prisosavchegosa fingers should be respected precaution not to crush it. Removing rust can be augmented by its fat, after which he himself buds. Mites collected during inspections and burn. In the children's groups, labour and health institutions examinations for children are mandatory. Supervision of the medical examination of children lies with the middle and nurses and educators. The individual tick prevention riccetsioza depends on the level of health literacy as residing in the endemic regions, and calling on industrial, domestic and other occasions. B communication with the general organization sanitarno-prosvetite Activity among pre-school and school ages, agricultural workers, geologists, tourists, drivers, owners of private cars and other groups is an important aspect of prevention specialists anitarno-epidemiol n unresolved stations, and all health care workers. To this end, using all media-lectures to the public, radio, television, the district and regional newspapers. Regional home health education should provide special edition posters and leaflets. The large volume sanitarno-prosvetite Activity work should be carried out prior to the season activity icksodovykh mites. Affordable method of reducing the number of kleshey is to destroy them at the farm animals, the main prokormitele sexually phases mites in the spring. The use saxaul, regulated the use of the Directorate General of Health, Ministry of Agriculture (hlorofos, gexatalp, gexamin, ziodrin etc.). Handling cattle the veterinary service, in accordance with the existing mentoring. Common ways akaritidna processing animals are spraying, animals run through metal prokhodnuu bath solution zapravlennouu a akaritidov listed, as well as swimming in these solutions cattle or sheep. Combating small wild mammals - prokormitelmi larvae and nymphs mites, also would reduce the number of arthropods. The species composition of small mammals is dependent on the landscape terrain, the management varies for each territory. The various agricultural and agrikulturnah activities creates a disadvantage for living rodents. These include rapid and careful harvesting, the elimination of surplus straw, deep plowing virgin land, deposits, plowed, etc. The destruction of field rodents apply both mechanical (trap, brightness, lovchie grooves, cylinders, etc.) and chemical methods. Field mice is as clinically indicated. To combat suslikami, surkami, pescankami etc. are used chemical method of using poisoned grain primanok. As primanok use oats, wheat, corn. At 1 hectare territory spent about 2 kg bait. As ratitida widely used zinc ions, with the addition of 1% vegetable oil. There is a grain poisoned primanok containing anticoagulants (difenazin, zookumarin). Sieving poisoned bait is made cars fitted with special equipment, or operating workers. Field mice had been largely in the period deficit in the nature of seed feed. Is not allowed rassev bait, poison zinc phosphide in the vicinity of human settlements, in order to avoid the loss of pets. To this end, the application of wax briquettes containing grains and ratitid. At 1 ha spent 2 to 3 kg briquettes, which was placed under a shelter at a distance of 15 to 20 meters of each other. Among the various measures designed to reduce the size and the destruction of vectors, the most radical is protivoklestseva processing territories. Processing areas akaricidami solely as clinically indicated. Such processing to be conducted on the newly neobjita areas. Protivokleshchevu processing plan on the basis of the analysis of epidemiological data on the most frequent site of infection, the species composition and abundance icksodovykh mites. Territory to be treated are typically open steppes and lesostepnae space. cover crops, forest edges, paths, etc. HANDLING are also those adjacent to the homes rest prophylactoriam, St. camps if it is established there are pockets riccetsioza tick. To destroy mites icksodovykh apply 10% DDT dust. Processing should use early spring of snow.
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various measures
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