Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss
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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 approach is not unreasonable

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PostSubject: approach is not unreasonable   approach is not unreasonable Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 9:29 pm

An example of this is : 1) the discovery of drugs to the underlying renal tissue modified kernels (gematauxilinove cells); 2) membrane Lully clubockov take a "wire loops; 3) formation of immune complexes in the form of elektronno-plotnykh deposits in the basal membrane clubockov in wire loops, fibrinoidnykh sediments. Income study reveals : 1) changes in the joints in rheumatoid sustavne - epifizarnyi osteoporosis in joints and wrists lucezapastnykh joints; Only during chronic arthritis and distortions are reduced bone with slits podwavihami; 2) changes in the lungs in the development of pnevmonita; In the long-term course of disease is diskovidnye atelektaza, strengthening and deformed pulmonary figure, combined with high knees diaphragm; 3) from the heart in the development of "volchanerngo" evil hearts or ekssoudativogo pericardita. Elektrocardiografice Uzbekistan study helps detect nonspecific changes in the final part of the complex ventricular (T teeth and ST segment). The diagnostic results to determine the level of volchanerngo process. Diagnostics Where classical currents SCR diagnosis is simple and is based on the discovery of "butterflies" retidivirutego fever and poliserosita constituting clinical diagnostic triad, supplemented by the presence or Le-kletok antinuclearnogo factor in the diagnostic game. Support importance young patients with childbirth, abortion, the menstrual function insolaciei, infection. Much harder to diagnose in other cases, especially if the above diagnostic classic signs exist. In this situation, helping diagnostic criteria developed by the American revmatologicaka Association (APA) : (table in word version) Diagnosis dostoveren with four or more criteria. If there is less than 4 criteria, the diagnosis of questionable facilities and requires dynamic monitoring of the patients. That approach is not unreasonable : he explicitly warned against the appointment of a corticosteroid patients, as with the same symptoms can last and other diseases (including paraneoplasticski syndrome), where protivopokazana corticosteroids. Differential diagnosis should be hard to differentiate from a number of diseases. How much of organs and systems involved in the pathological process of the currency, it is long list of diseases that can be mistakenly diagnosed in the patient. SCR can do more to simulate various ailments. These problems are particularly prevalent in the debut of the disease, as well as a dominant 1-2 defeat of the (systems). For example, the discovery at the beginning of a defeat damages can be seen as tuberculosis pleurisy etiology;
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approach is not unreasonable
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