Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss
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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 sufficient to restore

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PostSubject: sufficient to restore   sufficient to restore Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 6:21 pm

At the same time, because ATKM possible contamination bone marrow neoplastic cells and the lack of antilakemicescoe RTPH. in patients with leikemicakimi gemoblastozami ATKM leads to a much greater frequency of relapses than Altkm. Using monoclonal antibodies and certain drugs (mafosfamida, 4-gidroperoxitziklofo sfamida) for the treatment of bone marrow from reziduhalnah tumor cells in vitro significantly reduces the frequency of relapses and brings results ATKM to Altkm. In the application of methods for the clean-up bone marrow ATKM efficient and leikemicakih gemoblastozah, especially acute leikozah. The CCTS commonly started in the past few years, has a number of advantages. The most significant are the following : * the possibility of fibrosis in the bone marrow as a result of chemotherapy and radiation therapy; * Less than the larger, the probability of contamination of peripheral blood neoplastic cells; * The need for general anesthesia in harvesting blood stem cells. Because of the limited number of kinship gistosovmestimah donors for patients in need of Altkm in clinical practice introduced Altkm of gistosovmestimah rock donors. For these purposes, in North America and Western Europe established registers potential donors bone marrow, numbering hundreds of thousands of people. Number Altkm of rock donors currently is not more than 500 a year, but this method has been increasingly used in the clinic. There are six stages of TCM : * predtransplantatin s training; * exfuziu bone marrow; * fractionation and kriokonservaciu bone marrow; * Air conditioning; * reinfuziu bone marrow; * restoration kostnomozgovy blood. / phase. Predtransplantatin TH training. The purpose is to determine contraindicated in patients with evidence in TCM. This is a functional and morphological studies on the major organs and systems. Hospitalized, forthcoming TCM must meet the following requirements : * less than 45 years, Altkm and less than 55 years, ATKM (with mielomna illness to 60 years); * Ommusomaticescoe good condition (index WHO 0-1); * Saved liver function (normal level cium and transaminaz), the kidneys (normal creatinine) Heart (fraction release turned left, according to the echocardiography, at least 70% of the age rules), light (of the external device is not less than 70% of the age norm); * lack hotbeds of infection. / / phase. Exfuzia bone marrow. Successful TCM needed gemopoeticalkie cells sufficient to restore blood (100-200 million mielokariotitov 1 kg patient). Gemopoeticalkie stem cells derived from the multiple aspiration from the rear volume and ridges ilium under endotrahealnam anaesthetic. The number of bone suspension of 1500-2000 ml. The alternative would be to take blood stem cells (JCC) from the peripheral blood using cell separators for follow CCTS.
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sufficient to restore
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