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 defeat cardiovascular system

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PostSubject: defeat cardiovascular system   defeat cardiovascular system Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 6:20 pm

The out earlier treatment may reveal : 1) on its adequacy; 2) the severity of disease and the level of activity of the (primary corticosteroid dose, the duration of their application supporting dose inclusion in the treatment of the drugs expressed immune disorders, high activity lupus-nefrita etc.; 3) The presence of complications and korticosteroidna zitostaticescoy therapy. The initial phase can be made certain findings on the diagnosis and the long period of illness, but in the debut of the disease diagnosed in the later stages of the study. In fisichalnom survey can be obtained much evidence of the virus and the extent of their functional deficiency. The defeat musculoskeletal system is a fever, reminiscent of rheumatoid arthritis, symmetrical defeat small hand joints (proximal mejfalangovykh, pastno-falangovykh, lucezapastnykh), and major joints (less). When deployed clinical picture of the disease defiguration joints caused periartikulyarian swelling. Over disease develops deformation small joints. Mud defeat may be accompanied by a loss of muscles in the form of diffuse mialgi, it is very rarely true polimiosita with swelling and muscle weakness. The defeat was only the artralgiami. Skin infection pack as often as joints. The most typical eritematosnye skin on the face of skulovykh arches and back surgery (butterfly). Frequent shape "butterflies" inflammatory skin on the nose and cheeks are a number of options : 1) vascular (vasculitnaya) butterfly-nestoikoe, pulsating, purulent skin reddening with zianoticnam shade in the middle of the growing impact of the external factors (solar, wind, cold), or agitation; 2) butterfly type centrifugal eritema (skin lesions localized only in the area of fractured). The "butterflies" could experience diskoidnye skin-eritematosnye pripodnimatesa times with keraticski violation and subsequent atrophy on the skin of limbs and torso. Finally, the patients are nespecifica ekssoudatus erythema on the skin of limbs, thorax, fotodermatoza signs on the exposed parts of the body. The eye skin are kapillarita - melkotocecnaya haemorrhagic rash of menstruation fingertips, drop boxes, the palm of his hand. Skin damage may be combined with enantema solid skies. The membrane lining the mouth or nosoglotocna can detect izgyazwlenia easy. Serosnye skin infection to 90% of patients (classical diagnostic triad : dermatitis, arthritis, poliserozit). The frequent destruction pleura, pericardium, less-edge. Features of the SCR : 1) frequent dry pleurisy and pericardit; 2) in vpotnykh forms of ekssoudata low; 3) defeated serozhnykh coats lasted briefly, and usually diagnosed retrospectively on pleuropericardialna m spaikam or horizontal kostalna, mejdoleva, Medical pleura in radiology study; 4), there is a tendency to develop slipchivykh processes (all seam and obliteration serozhnykh cavities). The defeat cardiovascular system is often the case with hard and has been reported on the various stages of disease. The most frequent pericardita tend to recidivism. Much more often than it did before endocard suspension in the form of borodavchatogo endocardita (volchanochny endocardit) at stvorkah mitral and aortalni trejstvorchatogo or valves. In the long course of the process is to identify the signs of the valve (s stenozirovania openings, as a rule, no). Italians myocarditis almost never recognized, but diffuse myocarditis, especially heavy currents, offers some symptoms. The defeat receptacles can be in the form of syndrome Reynaud : pristupoobrazno developing blood disorders blood hands and / or feet caused by cold or unrest. During the attack there parestesia, leather fingers are dull and / or zianoticna, cold fingers.
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defeat cardiovascular system
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