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 development of eritema

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PostSubject: development of eritema   development of eritema Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 6:19 pm

Classification of the clinical classification of the current currency into : 1) the nature of the current; 2) The activity of the pathological process; 3) kliniko-morfologica s Identify defeat organs and systems. Has severe, podostroe and chronic disease. Starting over : a sudden, people will be able to submit day began fever, polyarthritis, a change in the skin. In the next 3-6 months, there has developed polisindromnosti, lupus-nefrit, lesion of central nervous system. Duration of illness without treatment no more than 1-2 years, but in early recognition and effective treatment korticosteroidami and multi maintenance therapy can be achieved complete remission. This option is seen mostly among adolescents, children and the young. Podostroe over : occurs most often begins as a implicit in the general symptoms artralgi, recidivating arthritis, a variety of nonspecific lesions. Wolnoobraznosti clear current. Details of the disease in a 2-3, less frequently, in 3-4 years. Chronic over : disease long been renewed various syndromes-fever, less poliserosita, diskoidna syndrome Lupus, Reynaud syndrome. At the 10th year, the disease had other organ damage (kidneys, lungs). Activity, the severity of potentially convertible immunovospalitelnog of damage to internal organs, which determines the nature of therapy in a patient. Three level of activity on the basis of the following criteria : (table in word version) picture Clinical Manifestations of the disease is extremely diverse that the defeat of multiple organs and systems of the current phase and the degree of activity of the inflammatory process. Ha initial diagnostic search receive information on the basis of which an idea : 1) the version of the disease; 2) the nature of disease; 3) on the degree of involvement in the process of experiencing the various organs and systems; 4) held earlier treatment and its effectiveness, as well as possible complications of treatment. Options for the disease can be extremely diverse. Most disease can begin in the form of a combination of syndromes; Monosimptomnoe a typically atypical. Therefore, the assumption of the possibility of a currency since the patient revealed a combination. Diagnostic value of different syndromes increases in combination. In the early period SCR most frequent symptoms are destruction of joints, skin, serozhnykh coats, as well as fever. Thus, the most "suspicious" in relation to currency will be a combination of : 1) fever, polyarthritis, trophic of skin (such as hair loss, alopecia); 2) rheumatic fever, the defeat pleura (pleurisy); 3) fever, trophic of skin defeat pleura. Diagnostic significance of these combinations greatly enhanced if the skin lesion is the development of eritema, but in the initial period erythema disease occurs only in 25% of cases; Yet, this does not diminish the importance of diagnostic combinations of the above. Malosimptomnoe the disease is not common, but there SCR debut with the development of massive trauma as a result of development at the outset of diffuse glomerulonephritis (lupus-nefrita) nefroticski or mixed type. Engaging in the process of experiencing various symptoms manifested their inflammatory examples : arthritis, myocarditis, pericardit, pnevmonit, glomerulonefrit, polinevrit etc.
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development of eritema
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