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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 changes of the body

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The pericardita not always meet the highest standards of giperazotemii and was apparently allocating seroznami shells of which pericardom, various toxic substances accumulated in the body. Active перикардит seen in patients in гемодиализе; They often develops gemopericard, associated with geparinizaciei of luxury with uremia. These occur particularly hard lead to tamponade, as well as the subsequent constriction in the heart. Иммуногенные перикардиты due to the change of the body's immune system for various reasons. Common to all pericarditov of the group is to participate in the pathogenesis of their reactions antigen-antibody, which involves the sensitization organism ackzoallergenami (disability or infectious nature) or endoallergenami that can be modified own tissues. Allergic перикардиты observed in a number of cases since the introduction of vaccines (OPV, etc.), with the application of certain drugs on hay fever as a Леффлера syndrome. Autoimmunny Development Mechanism pericardita implemented with such diseases such as systemic lupus red, which is pericardit more than half of the cases sklerodermia, rheumatoid arthritis, and chronic active hepatitis, lupoidnyi syndrome drug genesis. Clinical Symptoms picture перикардита is it kliniko-morfologica th form phase inflammatory process, the nature and speed of accumulation in ekssoudata pericardialna cavity located and the frequency spaerngo process. The acute phase is usually fibrinosny or dry, pericardit, symptoms of which is modified to the extent of the accumulation and liquid effusion. Dry перикардит a pain in the chest and noise friction pericardium. The first complaints of patients at the beginning of pericardita usually associated with the sense of repetitive blunt pain in the heart. Most pain can be moderate, but it is sometimes so strong that resemble stroke and forced to see a doctor. At the same time, may be complaints of heart, wheezing, dry cough, malaise, poznablivanie, sblijatee clinic disease with symptoms plevrita dry. A characteristic feature of the pain pericardite is their dependence on breathing, movements and changes of the body. A patient can not make a deep breaths, breathing lightly and often. Pain increases with the pressure of the chest in the heart area. The pain for acute pericardite has limited containment, but sometimes it extends to epigastralnuyu area, the right half of the chest or left Shoulder. In some cases, the pain may be associated with beauty. The pain in the nadavlivanii grudino-klucicnam coupling, which is diafragmalny nerves, and at the bottom of the ilium bone. The primary patient survey largest diagnostic importance hear noise friction pericardium. At an altitude of pain noise friction is a cute, limited continuous, it is difficult to identifiable short systolic noise.
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changes of the body
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