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 myocardial infarction

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PostSubject: myocardial infarction   myocardial infarction Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 6:13 pm

Aetiology and pathogenesis Etiology pericardita largely determines and pathogenesis, which corresponds generally pathogenesis of inflammation, developing as primary infection or allergic. The direct causes of перикардита be attributed factors primarily harmful Serum shell heart. Depending on the nature of these factors can be divided into infectious (various microorganisms, fungi, protozoa) and the non : immune (education pericarde complexes antigen-antibody), including ackzoallergicakie and autoimmunity; Toxic, in particular endotoksicskie (eg, toxaemia with uremia); Mechanical, альтерацию of pericardium without the participation of Allergy and Infectious Agents (трансмуральный myocardial infarction, closed heart trauma, electric level, bleeding). Such an etiological factor is the relative importance for the understanding of the etiology of individual case pericardita, because firstly, the impact of these factors can be associated (for example, trauma and infections), and secondly, povrejdatee impact on the pericardial one factor can be challenging. For example, micro-organisms and their livelihoods may, in some cases, initiating an infectious inflammation, in others as a toxic factor in the third-as allergic antigens. For some pericarditov causes is not fully established, idiopaticalkie pericardita. Infectious перикардиты Before widespread use of antibiotics dominated bacterial nonspecific перикардиты most frequent cause were стрептококк, пневмококк, Staphylococcus. The introduction of clinical practice antimicrobial therapy overwhelming replaced by Staphylococcus, resistant to a number of antibiotics. Other non-bacterial перикардиты than кокковыми been relatively rare. Among them a special place pericardita caused by anaerobic flora, in particular from the wounded. Of specific infectious diseases involving pericarditom are relevant typhoid, salmonellas, tularaemia, pneumonic plague. In algidna cholera fibrinosnye levied against serosnom pericarde were frequent patolyanatomicesco s models, but this defeat pericardium, usually associated with dehydration occurred without the participation of cholera vibrion. Pathways Elsewhere in the pericardial vary with different diseases. In sepsise infect falls into the pericardial gematogenno in okoloserdechnykh inflammation (mediastinit, pleurisy, samples, etc.), contact or by limfogenno. In the microbial penetration endocardite Elsewhere in the pericardial may be related to gastric penetration in the zone valve predator or septiko-amboliceski myocardial infarction. In some diseases, particularly viral etiology, a crucial role is reduced immunobiological properties of the organism. Thus, the flu, measles, chicken pox, in some cases complicated by bacterial pericarditom kokkova nature. By pericardita development, in some cases, have brucellosis, anthrax, kolibazillarnae diseases, syphilis. TB pericardit most frequently dispensed with the rearguard piercing attacks in the pericardial affects ways of sredostennah and traheobronhialnah infection. There are two forms of destruction : pericardit tuberculosis and tuberculosis pericardium. The latest understand emptying specific Hayward without effusion : miliarnyi tuberculosis, jemcuzhnica, tuberkuloma pericardium. About Tuberculosis pericardite speak with effusion, spaerngo process or obazwestvleni.
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myocardial infarction
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