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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 laboratory indicators

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PostSubject: laboratory indicators   laboratory indicators Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 6:09 pm

Rarely have ochagove necrosis with inflammatory response in the marrow, zabruchinna tissue, pericarde, brajake. The skin over the nodes may be slightly giperemirovana in skladku going bad. Not often content masloobraznoe subcutaneous nodes through external fistula is on the surface of the skin. Before the nodes can occur reaction temperature (or subfebrilnaya febrilnaya). The part of a patient poliartralgii, leucocytosis, eozinofilia increase Monday. Reverse the process on the ground pockets of destruction may remain zapadenia atrophy as a result of subcutaneous tissue. The diagnosis it is not the only clinical manifestations, but also gistological picture bioptatov skin sites of destruction. It identifies changes fatty portions - swelling, pockets of necrosis and cell infiltration CD4, cells plazmaticakimi and gistiotitami containing fat inclusion. Recidivating polihondrit Recidivating polihondrit - generalizovannoe progressive disease cartilage tissue. For diagnostic important following criteria : two cartilage lesion of the auricle of the ears (cochlear ear red otecona, painful), erosive polyarthritis seronegativei, unusual nose followed sedlovidna deformation nose, vospalitelnoe defeated eye (conjunctivitis, keratit, sclerit, episclerit, uveit), unusual respiratory tract (larynx, and / or trachea), or kohlearnaya westibularnaya dysfunction (loss of hearing, noise in the ears, dizziness). Laboratory indicators are not specific (increase Monday, ostrofazovh proteins γ-globulinov factions. You can talk about some "attachment" of NTC Tumor some localization and morphological structure (gipertrofica osteoartropatia with cancer ovsanocleternm light, in gipercalziemia mielomna disease black akantoz with cancer of the stomach, etc.). However, strict clinical specificity of NTC in certain tumours did not exist. It should be noted that there is no connection between tumors and rheumatological diseases relationship can be the opposite character, that is, when the tumor is in the face of rheumatic diseases. At the risk of oncopatologii affect reception of immunosuppressive drugs.
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laboratory indicators
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