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 ineffective neutralization of stomach content

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ineffective neutralization of stomach content Empty
PostSubject: ineffective neutralization of stomach content   ineffective neutralization of stomach content Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 5:20 pm

There has been destruction of the protective layer of mucous membrane and its damage. At the same time, develops a kind of emotional disorders, which occurs early release of gastric acid contents in dwenadzatiperstnuu object, which leads to the wood content bulbs. In addition, the persistence of H.pylori promotes gipergastrynemii which, when available initially high acidity of the solution and accelerates release of the contents to dwenadzatiperstnuu rectum. Thus, H.pylori are at the heart of a supporting increased in gastroduodenal area. In turn active gastroduodenit largely determines the nature of recurrent ulcers. H.pylori is 100% of the time in locating the ulcer antropiloroduodenal tion zone, and in 70% of cases, with the body throat cancer. Depending on the localization of lesions defect produced some pathogenetic characteristics ulcers. Thus, the development of ulcers localizations ulcerative defect in the body of stomach substantial role reduce local protective mechanisms slizistogo barrier as a result of inflammation of mucous membranes of mucynoobrazovania, regeneration pokrovno-amerngo cancer, deteriorating flow and the local synthesis prostaglandines. In addition, the significant role played by duodenaugustralny reflux with biliary regurgitaciei acids and izoletitinov destroying Cochabamba barrier and make retrodiffuziu ions H + and education ulcerative defect by pepsina. Язвообразование пилородуоденальной in the mucous membrane associated with a long and гиперхлоргидрией пептическим протеолизом due гиперваготонией, гипергастринемией and гиперплазией major gastric glands, as well as gastroduodenal дисмоторикой. In addition, a role and ineffective neutralization of stomach contents mukoidnami substances and sodic of duodenal ulcer, a long acidification piloroduodenalna environment. Classification Azvennouu disease divided as follows : * to kliniko-morfologica of on the grounds azvennouu stomach illness and disease azvennouu duodenal ulcer; * in the form of on-first discovered and retidivirutuyu; * localization emit defeated cardialna parts; small curvature stomach; prepiloriceski the stomach; onion duodenal ulcer; vnelukovicnogo Division (postbulbarnae ulcer); * According to the current phase : growing; subsiding worsening; remission; * According to the gravity currents : the benign; going (stable); progressive. The safe course Ulcerative defect small and shallow, relapse rare complications not. Conservative treatment is a clear effect in about a month. For a long period characterized by incomplete results of the treatment, the big date; Recurrence in the first year. Spread over a minimal effect treatment of complications; Frequent relapses;
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ineffective neutralization of stomach content
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