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 local protection mechanisms

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PostSubject: local protection mechanisms   local protection mechanisms Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 5:19 pm

chronic, recurring disease-prone прогрессированию, involving pathological process along with the stomach and duodenum rectum (which in times of ulcerative are defects mucous membrane) other organs of the digestive system, the development of complications that threaten the life of the patient. Disease is the result of neirogumoralna disorders and endocrine regulation secretornah and motor processes, as well as violations of the protective mucous membrane of these bodies. Ulcers disease common among people of all ages, but more often at the age of 30-40 years, it fell to about 5% of the adult population. Urban suffered ulcers more likely than rural men fell to 6-7 times more women (especially AB duodenal ulcer). The aetiology of the disease is not known. Now consider that the factors contributing to the rise are the following : * long or frequently recurring nervno-emozionalnoe hypertension (stress); * Genetic predisposition, including persistent increase gastric acidity juice constitutional nature; * Other nasledstvenno-consti uzionale Features (0 blood group; Hla-v6-antigen; slowdown α-antitripsina); * The existence of chronic gastritis, duodenita, dysfunctions stomach and duodenal ulcers (pradyazvennoe state); * the diet; * smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages; * the use of certain medications with ulzerogennami properties (acetylsalicylic acid, butadion, indometacin, etc.). The pathogenesis of AB still considered insufficient. Damage mucous membrane with the formation of ulcers, erozi and inflammation associated with the predominance of aggression on the factors of mucosal gastric and / or duodenal ulcers. Local factors are of the secretion of mucus and pankreaticski juice, the ability to rapid regeneration coating membrane, good blood mucous membranes local synthesis prostaglandines, etc. The aggressive factors seem hydrochloric acid, pepsin jelchne acid izoletitina. But normal mucous membrane of stomach and duodenal ulcer resistant to aggressive factors and gastric contents duodenalnogo normal (normal) concentrations. It is estimated that by not defined and known causal factors is the neuroendocrine regulation of secretion, motor, инкреторной of stomach and duodenal ulcer with increased activity парасимпатического the autonomic nervous system. Vagotonia is the motor of stomach and duodenal ulcers, as well as increases secreting digestive juices, improved aggressive factors. All of this, coupled with nasledstvenno-consti uzionalnami features, the so-called genetic conditions (increase in the number of obkladochnykh cells expressing hydrochloric acid and high kislotoobrazoutei function) is one of the reasons resulting in damage to the mucous membrane of stomach and duodenal ulcers. It also contributes to an increase in the level gastrina due to the adrenal glands cortisol as a result of neuroendocrine violations. Along with the change in the functional activity napochechnikov reduces resistance mucous membrane Effects kislotno-pepticski factor. Lower regeneratornaya the mucous membrane; Protective function of the barrier mukotiliarnogo becomes less sophisticated as a result of the reduction of mucus. Thus, the reduced activity of the local protection mechanisms mucous membrane, which contributes to the development of its damage. However, genetic conditions, in addition to their destructive actions can also serve as a protective function. Thus, the characteristics of the structure and functioning of mucous membrane of the stomach of genetically immune to Helicobacter pylori, which, in recent years, has an essential role in the development of ulcers. Bacteria from this category of people, even away from the body to be able to surpass (prilipaniu) for the epithelium and therefore did not break it. The remaining H.pylori people are away from the body, predominantly in antralnom Division stomach, which leads to the active chronic inflammation as a result of a series of proteolytic enzymes (ureaza, katalaza, oksidaza, etc.) and toxins.
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local protection mechanisms
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