Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss
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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 provided substantial assistance

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By reducing the contractile function of heart complaints are increased fatigue, nausea and physical activity, and then the rest. At night about dry cough (equivalent cardiac asthma), then a typical stroke victim. 10% of patients were characteristic anginoznae pain. In developing Sluggish wide range of diseases appear gravity in the right podreberie (due to the liver), oedema legs. The most important sign is a significant increase in heart failure (pump signs of heart defect or hypertension unavailable). The discovery in the early stages of the disease cardiomegalia, to a greater or lesser extent can be randomly during preventive examination or treatment the patient to a doctor at the heart of complaints. Cardiomegalia has increased in the hearts of both sides, perkutorno determined, as well as the shifting verhusherngo kick left and down. In severe cases heard rhythm galopa, tachycardia, the relative frequency of mitral insufficiency and trejstvorchatogo valves. In 20% of cases developing predserdy blinking. Blood pressure is usually normal or slightly increased (from heart failure). Other symptoms appear only in the development of heart failure and it is an expression of (cold zianoticnae limbs swelling neck veins, swelling, increased liver, hripa stagnation in the lower divisions of the lung, increase in the number of dahani per minute). Laboratory no change identify fails. Instrumental methods of research to find : 1) signs cardiomegalia; 2) changes in the central hemodynamics; 3) rhythm and conduction. Fonocardiogramma auskultativee the data in the form of rhythm galopa quite frequent detection systolic noise (due to the relative lack or mitral valve trejstvorchatogo). The stagnation in a small range of circulatory identify emphasis II tone. Rentgenologicaki found a significant increase in ventricular (often coupled with a moderate increase in the left atrium). Developing levojeludockova because of the insufficiency in a small range of blood were increased pulmonary vascular pattern and the emergence of transsoudata in pleural (more on the right) cavities. Echocardiography has provided substantial assistance in the diagnosis, identifying : 1) both dilatatia testing; 2) gipokineziu rear wall of the left heart; 3) the paradox mejjeludockova wall during Systolic. In addition, there was an increase in the amplitude of the non leaves mitral valve. At ECG been no specific changes or improvements are non-specific character. These include signs of atrophy turned left and the left atrium; Violations conductivity in the form of blockade branches front left leg predserdno-jeludocko s Beam (Beam Guisa), or a total blockade of the left leg (15% of cases); known zubza T in the left chest otwedeniah; predserdy blinking. Some difficulties arise when the pathological Q teeth in the thoracic otwedeniah that raises suspicion over previous myocardial infarction.
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provided substantial assistance
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