Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss
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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

Weight Loss Efforts and Diet Aids Discussion
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Factors that increase the risk of jeleuzisto-kistoederal hyperplasia in adenomatosnuu atipicescuu and, as well as adenocartinomu are : obesity, damaged tolerance to glukoze and clinically expressed diabetes mellitus, arterial hypertension. Studies in many countries have shown that women using oral contraceptives and MQM during premenopauza arise very rarely; Why oral contraceptives can be seen as preventing infection. II. Mals dysfunctional uterine bleeding is about 20% of the MQM, were among women of reproductive age. Mals MQM divided into mejmenstruale due persistenziei yellow body. Mejmenstruale MQM. Межменструальные dysfunctional uterine bleeding are in the middle of their menstrual cycle, in the days, the moment continues 2-3 days, and are never intense. The pathogenesis of the primary role played by fall in the level of estrogen in the blood after owulatornogo peak hormones. Diagnosis set on the basis of необильных кровянистых generated in the days of menstruation, with the fall of basal temperature or peak estrogen and гонадотропинов in blood. Difference diagnosed with a polipami endometrium and channel cervical cancer, endometriosis cervix, the canal and corpus uteri, erosion and cervical cancer. Is кольпоскопию to identify various pathological processes cervix; Gisteroskopiu (immediately after the release), which makes it possible to detect endometriale "moves" and polyps in the channel cervix and uterus cavity; Gisterografiu (done for 5-7 day menstrual cycle), which can be defined polyps mucous membrane corpus uteri, endometriosis channel cervix and corpus uteri. Treatment is limited to significant emissions of concern woman. In order to suppress ovulation appoint estrogen-gestagenne drugs like birth control pills (non-ovlon, bisekurin, ovidon) to 1 pill from the 5th-25th day menstrual cycle within 3-4 months. Forecast favorable. Prevention is not developed. MQM due персистенцией yellow body. Persistence yellow body is a consequence of stimulation gonadotropona progesterone synthesis. The causes have not been explored. The progesterone in the blood and its long secretia interfere with the normal exclusion endometrium during menstruation.
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