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 restrictive cardiomyopathy

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PostSubject: restrictive cardiomyopathy   restrictive cardiomyopathy Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 5:03 pm

In restrictive cardiomyopathy is the diastolic ventricular filling in the form of shorter time izometriceski ventricular relaxation and the reduction of the late ventricular filling (between Systolic predserdy). These violations, as well as the often evolved lack trejstvorchatogo valve lead increased heart failure (often with a very low level of the heart). Clinical presentation. Symptoms of illness economy, they are symptoms of circulatory disorders in a small or large number (depending on the priority the defeat of the right or left heart). The first phase of the diagnostic search is not always possible to obtain the necessary information for the diagnosis, as a complaint or not, or is stagnant in a small or large range of diseases. Can identify symptoms long heart failure varying extent. More relevant is the increase in the detection of heart and mild late systolic noise and loud early tone III (resulting from the rapid ventricular filling during diastola). The instrumental studies show signs of the disease (with Ray study), nonspecific changes zubza T at the ECG, III tone at the heart of software. Most importantly Echocardiography, highlighting the rapid movement of the front door mitral valve during diastola and rapid movement of the early rear wall of the left turned outwards. In the study of the central hemodynamics defined hypertension fill both jeludockah, with the ultimate pressure in the left than those in the jeludocke. In ventrikulografii are increasingly declining left encyclopedia or both turned smooth contours of the walls, sometimes with the filling defect in the top reflecting her obliteratiou. In some cases, the vdavlenia in sosochkovykh muscles. There are signs of insufficient or mitral valve trejstvorchatogo. In endomiocardialnom fibroelastose Leffler possible terms eozinofilia and bronhospasticski syndrome, which, combined with a moderate increase in heart disease and the symptoms of heart failure helps to correct diagnosis. Diagnostics. Recognition restrictive cardiomyopathy is extremely difficult. The certainty that the disease can be said to the exclusion of sindromalno related diseases, primarily constroguogo pericardita with signs of circulatory disorders in a large circle, as well as congenital heart defects (mitralno-trikuspida lnay Creator). The suggestion restrictive cardiomyopathy may arise when a moderate increase heart, coupled with signs of heart failure, which can not be explained by any other reasons. From this it follows that a number of additional methods of the study. Early stages of the disease can be identified with the heart sensing and detecting high-end-diastolic pressure in the left желудочке. Currently, the dopplerografii can identify violations stemming diastola period. There are an early peak filling, reducing peak late filling in the early filling of the late. Treatment. In developing heart failure therapy out according to general rules. The human heart rhythm by the therapy. The heart failure and inefficiency therapy are testimony to heart transplantation.
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restrictive cardiomyopathy
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