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 diseases and conditions

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PostSubject: diseases and conditions   diseases and conditions Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 5:02 pm

Risk factors for the development of candidiasis as common factors that predispose to the development of candidiasis of the digestive system and follow limfogematogenna disseminatiei fungi, as in the cases of other opportunistic infections, are conditions in which there has been a lack of immune protection of the body. They include : 1. Physiological immunodeficita (after birth, and early child period senilny deficiency, pregnancy, stress state). 2. Congenital immunodeficita (Di-jordji syndrome, Nezelofa, Shediaka-higashi etc.). 3. HIV human immunodeficiency virus in the terminal phase (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). Mikozy accounted for 70% of the clinical manifestations of HIV infection. 4. Cancer (including gemoblastozy); Chemotherapy of malignant tumors, with the heavy granulozitopenia (<1.0 * 109 granulozitov in litres). . The candidiasis in the face of anticancer therapy typically associated with the suppression of the immune system, as recorded undesirable effects of treatment. At the same time, there were suggestions that cytostatics and Radiation Therapy hurt protective functions epitelialnogo cover bowel to Candida translocation to other organs. The chemotherapy increasing percentage of fungal microorganisms adgezirovannah to enterozitam. 5. Autoimmunity and allergic diseases, especially in the appointment of glukokorticosteroido at. 6. Organ Transplant (use of immunosuppressants posttransplantatin om period). More than half of patients who were scheduled for bone-marrow transplants, even before transplantation picture of systemic candidiasis. 7. Endocrinopathy (decompensirovanny diabetes, autoimmunny poliglandulyarnyi syndrome). 8. Other diseases and conditions (weather condition, anemia, hepatitis, cirrhosis, chronic infection, malabsorbtion syndrome, etc.). In pathologic conditions involving lower bowel disorders increases zooming mushrooms in the other tissues. Violation digestion and intake increased by the growth of micro-organisms in the intestines proswete. 9. Antibiotikoterapia (usually longstanding use drugs broad-spectrum). The antimicrobial drugs can lead to imbalances in mikrobnom seagrass intestines, which may develop over kandidozna populations in the gut. Appointment tuberkulostaticakih drugs over 3-4 months accompanied by the development of ulcers candidiasis in 58-62% of cases.
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diseases and conditions
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