Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss
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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 lymph nodes

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PostSubject: lymph nodes   lymph nodes Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 5:01 pm

The risk of hypertension antibiotikoassotsiiro bathroom diarrhoea depends on the dose of the antibiotic imposed; the disease is usually without having to raise body temperature and leikozitoza in the blood and in the absence of laboratory evidence of infection Clostridium difficile. It is estimated that about one third of cases of idiopathic antibiotikoassotsiiro bathroom diarrhoea due to the kandidozom bowel. 10. Unbalanced diet (deficit intake of proteins, vitamins). The experiment on animals shows that the lack of provision of protein in the body accompanied by a decline pronounced and bakteritidna macrophagic activity level pending faguoqitozom and increased intestinal permeability barrier to Candida albicans. According to the post-mortem candidiasis duodenum, small and large bowel found around 3% of those patients (taking only macroscopic changes). In half the cases reported from the patients receiving chemotherapy at the neoplasms. The pathogenesis of candidiasis bowel studies in recent years, to a large extent, clarified patterns of fungus Candida organism with the owners. The modern view, it is possible to distinguish between two fundamentally different mechanism of pathogenesis candidiasis of the digestive system : invasive and painful candidiasis. Invasive candidiasis is fuelled by the introduction of nitchatoi fungus Candida in the tissue. The first stage of candidiasis infection as a process of adhesion to epiteliotitam, then invaded the epithelial layer, the infiltration from the basal membrane. These manifestations of microbial aggression macroskopiceski the erosivno-azwenne defects bowel wall of different sizes and forms cracks, membrane overlay (similar to the established psevdomembranoznom kolite), or polipovidnye segmentarnae circular education. The invasion progressive evolution limfogematogenna dissemination mushrooms (systemic candidiasis loss mucous membranes of other organs; Generalizovanny candidiasis loss viszeralnah bodies). In animal model infected oral C.albicans in immunosupression shows an initial erozi ulcers and mucous membrane in the face bleeding, colonization limfoidnykh entities bowel necrosis them and further dissemination. No macroscopic changes is not likely to be considered as evidence against invasive candidiasis. The forms disseminated candidiasis in the lymph nodes and found alongside multi giant cells containing mushrooms that probably reflects the phenomenon under phagocytosis. Invasive candidiasis is more in the bodies vastlannah multilayer flat Orpaz (oral cavity, esophagus), and less frequently, cylindrical Orpaz (stomach, intestine), which is probably due to local immune protection. Painful candidiasis is not accompanied by the conversion of attacks in nitchatuyu shape; A large increase in its colonies in proswete hollow body, the bowel.
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lymph nodes
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