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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 especially after eating

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PostSubject: especially after eating   especially after eating Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 3:11 pm

There was a feeling urcania and transfusion pain, flatulence, violated appetizing possible kolikoobraznae pain in the abdomen, are plentiful "pankreatogenny" diarrhea (nearly fat), steatorea, amilorea, kreatorea. Enterita Enterit acute. In acute энтерите often pathological process at the same time opening the stomach (gastroenteritis), and large bowel (гастроэнтероколит). Has acute enterita : * infection and viral origin (with the clinical picture of heavy enteritis again cholera, typhoid fever, salmonellas, sometimes influenza); * Alimentarnae (from overweight hosting a large number of critical or too gross food, irritating the mucous membrane of seasonings, spirits); * Toxic (with the poisoning of arsenic compounds, sulema and other poisons; Poison mushrooms-dull pogankoy, muhomorami, false opatami, other poisons nebakterialna nature, which may be contained in food-stone fruit, some fish products, liver burbot, pikes, caviar mackerel, etc.); * allergic (if idiosyncratic to certain foods, strawberries, eggs, crabs or allergic reaction to medication, drugs iodine, bromine, some sulfanilamida, antibiotics, etc.). Symptoms, over. It can begin with the local symptoms, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, urcania expressed in the abdomen, sometimes spastic pain. Then joined weakness, malaise, cold sweat, fever (temperature can reach 38 C and above), the phenomenon of intoxication symptoms of vascular collapse. In other cases, common symptoms first appear, and take some time (from half an hour to several hours), followed by signs of inflammation defeat small bowel. Palpation in the abdomen pain in epigastralna is sometimes strong move to palpation blind bowel. There is a moderate, less pronounced leucocytosis, raising Monday. Chronic enteritis. Maybe one of the following options : 1) systematic alimentarnae violations, abuse of acute food and acute skin, bezrejimnoe food; 2) alcohol, especially welcome spirits and their surrogates; 3) production intoxicated under human safety and chronic poisoning compounds of lead, mercury, phosphorus, arsenic, etc.; Household intoxication particularly medicinal (abuse solewami slabitionami, long uncontrolled use of broad-spectrum antibiotics that can cause intestinal goiter, etc.) and endogenous (with uremia); 4) food allergy; 5) parasitic infestation (Giardia, etc.), some intestinal gelmintozy; 6) radiation damage (production if there is a violation of safety and as a result of radiation treatment of malignant neoplasms abdomen); 7) "related" enterita with long flowing gastritis with inadequate secretion of stomach, chronic pancreatitis, kolitah. Symptoms, over. The pain (if any) is a smart, rarely spasticeski nature is in okolopoupocna area; Here are a pain in the abdominal palpation and strong pressure (several degrees and above-oriented Porgesa symptom), pain during brajaki small bowel (away from producing to the right kresttsovo-podwzdoshno the coupling is a symptom of 534-539). The pain in the body shaking, walking can be a sign of perivistserita. Move and lapping with palpation blind cancer is an important sign of enteritis (symptom Obraztsova). Intestinal syndrome dispepsii is maloharakternami diarrhoeal complaints : feeling pressure raspirania and swollen abdomen, especially after eating, nausea, feeling urcania, transfusion in the abdomen and others that arise as a result of a breach of digestion of nutrients in the gut and expedite the passage of a thin atherosclerosis, as well as violations in the upper leg. Sometimes in difficult enterite shortly after delivery is a weakness, dizziness and other general phenomenon resembling demping-sindrom. Enteritny koprologicski syndrome : frequent (up to 15 to 20 times a day) kashizeobrazny with neperevarennami food particles, but no apparent mucus, often drunk, with gas bubbles chair.
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especially after eating
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