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Hoodia Gordonii Diet and Weight Loss

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 general malaise

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PostSubject: general malaise   general malaise Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2007 3:09 pm

When disseminating inflammatory process in the shell Serum large bowel (perikolit) pain is constant, increasing from shaking, while walking easier in the rest. Hard notaya pain throughout the abdomen or predominantly podlojecna areas not related to the admission of food, urinating act, difficult to treat, with a concomitant ganglionite, especially solarite. Flatulence in kolite a manifestation of food digestion in thin intestine and disbacteriozom. Often there are anorexia, nausea, slavery, a sense of bitterness in the mouth, move in the abdomen. There may be a weakness, malaise, demanded astheno syndrome, treatmentoptions, nerezko symptoms poligipovitaminoza and anaemia. The surface palpation often identify areas pain abdominal wall located in the course of colon cancer, and chronic perivistserite the resistance muscles of the front abdominal wall in the respective sites. With deep palpation infection looks large bowel usually painful and спастически reduced, there may be a change спастически reduced and expanded sections filled tight or liquid contents, a strong move and even lapping in the Division bowel. In perikolite, ganglionite mezadenite and painful abdominal wall is not restricted to the area of the large bowel, and may occur during podlojecna area, and lower the median line (the localization of sun, upper and lower brajeechnykh plexus), some sperm (containment mezenterialnah lymph nodes). Droppings are zlovonna : koprologicescom to study the large number of mucus and blood, often identified as a large number yodofilna Flora indriyas cellular and intracellular starch, as well as red (with eroziveh and ulcer forms). The Friends colitis can be moderate neitrofilny leucocytosis shift from the left, the EMAS, subfebrilitet. The worsening allergic colitis, in addition to pain attacks are often accompanied by fever, эозинофилией, the emergence of crystals Шарко-Лейдена in excreta. Fatigue, and fibrinosnye nekroticeski-yazvenna kolita again with a much more severe clinical picture. The form of colitis Baby Ulcerative Colitis. Disease-rounded nespecificescoe vospalitelnoe defeated the gastrointestinal tract at any level with the formation of skeletal muscle, deep longitudinal ulcers, challenging perforacemi, external or internal fistula, bleeding and other severe complications. Etiology is unknown. In large intestine ulcerative disease manifests itself in the form of granulematosny colitis. The pockets granulematosny inflammation and izgyazwlenia large areas of colon cancer leads to intoxication haemorrhage ponosu, kishechnomu bleeding, anaemia, desproteinemii, violations elektrolitnogo balance and septic complications nature. Symptoms, over. With localized lesions, most often encountered in ileocekalnom Division, is a general malaise, a rise in temperature to subfebrilna. In palpation the infiltration in the right part of the abdomen. Often acute onset, which is similar to the hospital with acute appendicitis. Sometimes, the correct diagnosis is a result of the operation (find ileit terminal or ileokolit). Later in the area are internal or external fistula. More distributed mnysegmentarnae against colon cancer, which moves seriously and reminiscent of simptomatike and downstream Baby Ulcerative Colitis, but granulematosnom kolite rectum far less astonishing than other divisions thick.
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general malaise
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